Securus Technologies Top Firm in the Correctional Sector

When it comes to the correctional technology, one company that has been in the news for a long time and all the right reasons is Securus Technologies. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are of high standard and entirely apt for the industry regarding the modern features it provides to the end users. The products and services of Securus Technologies are also affordable, which ensures that the inmates don’t have to spend a lot of money when buying the correctional services it offers. The investigative services and solutions provided by Securus Technologies are highly popular among the correctional facilities in North America, and over 3,450 correctional institutions use it.


Securus Technologies is known to offer not only high-quality correctional services but also backs it up with the prompt customer service. Keeping the customers happy and satisfied in a service based industry is highly necessary. There are many companies out there that are trying to dominate the growing correctional sector, but Securus Technologies has been taking the lead for quite some time now. It is because the company has been emphasizing on the research and development and has also invested more than $600 million in the past few years to expand its product portfolio and for patent acquisition.


The customers of the company are delighted with the services the company offers and often writes e-mail and letters to the company showcasing their appreciation. The law enforcement officers feel that the investigative services provided by Securus Technologies have been instrumental in stopping the supplying of contraband inside the prison and has also helped successfully in tracking the criminals. It has contributed to reducing the crime inside and outside of the prison. As a customer, I hope that the company consistently performs and delivers on its promises, which would certainly ensure that Securus Technologies remain on the top of the correctional sector.

Betsy DeVos Is A Character The Trump Administration Should Want To Keep Around

A lot of the headlines generated by the Trump Administration have to do with chaos and disorder. That is to say that the President does not know much about the job that he is doing. Maybe that is true, or maybe it is media spin in the worst kind of way. Regardless, there are stable team players that the Trump Administration ought to do everything possible to keep on board with their team. One of those people is Betsy Devos.


Interestingly, Betsy DeVos was one of the most controversial picks to be a Cabinet member. This was among a group of highly controversial picks in the first place. However, it was her vote that came up as a 50-50 tie in the Senate before the tie-breaking vote was cast by the Vice-President. When that happened, DeVos became the Secretary of Education.


Even though there was a big dust up surrounding her confirmation, DeVos is actually one of the more stable players on the Trump bench. She has a long history of working for a specific cause (charter school education), and she is known for her way of being strong for the causes that she supports. She is someone that you definitely want on your team, particularly if that team has had some stability issues.


For more than thirty years, Betsy DeVos has been fighting for the charter school system and everything else that she believes in. She has had some incredible success in doing this, but more importantly, that success is very likely to continue on into this administration. She has more power than she has ever had before this point.


Being a billionaire is certainty a helpful advantage to have. DeVos comes from a wealthy family that has always had a fair amount of power. They view this as something that they have worked hard for, and they try to use the gifts that they have been given to do more good for their community. They are known for being charitable people, and this has helped them build up a lot of good will in the state of Michigan and anywhere else that they are well enough known.


Betsy DeVos has the good sense to ignore those who are critical of her or her role as Secretary of State. She is not confrontation on that front like Donald Trump is. She can take an attack or two and just keep on ticking. She prefers to ignore the critics because she really does believe in what she is doing. At any rate, she works better by ignoring all of that noise anyway.


If you were to meet her in person, you would probably not be able to get over just how friendly and warm she is. You can definitely get the impression that she only wants to do what is right for the children of America. Keep this in mind when you think about her and all that she has done. She is not necessarily the kind of person that some in the media would like for you to believe she is. Learn more:

Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i airport is in the Pacific island nation of Samoa. Its airport code is FGI. Initially, the airport was a joint venture between the Samoan government and Polynesian Airlines. At first, the airport had only a grass airstrip for planes to land and take off. In 2002, this airstrip was paved and the airport operated for just under three years. Closed between 2005 and 2009, Fagali’i airport reopened with multiple airlines offering connections to American Samoa and beyond.

Polynesian Airlines operates a dozen direct flights daily between Fagali’i airport and Pago Pago, American Samoa (PPG). The flight time in either direction is approximately 35 minutes. This route operates seven days a week, with Friday flights being particularly popular. From Pago Pago, Hawaiian Airlines offers connections to Hawaii and beyond. At various times, Fagali’i airport has also been served by Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. At the time of writing, flights from the United States to Fagali’i airport are operated by Fiji Airways on Other international flights connecting to FGI are offered by Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and United.


Fagali’i airport remains relatively small, like its runway. However, by comparison with larger airports, there are advantages in terms of convenience. Downtown Apia, Samoa is only a five-minute drive from the airport. Fagali’i airport is used primarily for daytime flight departures and arrivals. The Faleolo International Airport, roughly 40 minutes further driving time from downtown Apia, handles departures and arrivals during night-time hours.

The proximity of Apia to Fagali’i airport means that travelers can easily use downtown hotels as airport accommodation before or after a flight. Insel Fehmarn Hotel is located at the airport, while within 5 miles there are multiple independent hotels and resorts, in addition to a Sheraton hotel. Travelers can get close to nature right near the airport, whether at the Lupe Sina Treesort in Apia, or the Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa according to The long Samoan coastline is easily accessible from the airport, and many of the hotels in the area are situated on Pacific beaches. A rental car is a convenient way to get from the airport to Apia and elsewhere on the island.

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Rick Smith’s Dedication to Prisons Gave Him the Ability to Help Prisons

Rick Smith understood how hard it was for the people who were running prisons. He knew they had a thankless job and they didn’t always have the resources they needed. As the CEO of Securus, he worked with prison officials on a regular basis and made sure he was giving them everything they needed to be successful. He was also sure he could do more to make the industry better because he knew they needed someone to help them through the difficult process of running a prison. Rick Smith liked to always make sure he was working toward a successful prison career. He has always wanted to show people they are going to have a better life if they have the chance to be successful while they are running prisons. He also wants them to know he is dedicated to their lives and providing them with the tools they need. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

One of the first things he did was create the kiosks. The kiosks were a signature of Securus for a long time before other companies began copying what they had done. The kiosks also symbolized a time of change in the prison industry. Never before had prisons had the chance to give their inmates the technology that was coming from the kiosks. It was something that had been unprecedented until that point and something that allowed Rick Smith to actually make sure he was doing the right thing. Most prisons that had the kiosks appreciated the options they had and that’s why Rick Smith continued to produce them. Visit for more info.

The inmates thought the kiosks were for them. Rick Smith had actually made the kiosks for the people who were in the business, but he didn’t want to let the prisoners know that. A side effect of the prisoners thinking the kiosks were for them was that they would feel more comfortable being in the prison. They thought they had a luxury in the kiosks and that’s what happened to make them the best they could be. The prisoners that were happy would make it easier on the prison facilitators that needed complacency in the prison.

As Rick Smith continues to do this, he is working to acquire even more business. He recently took JPay under the wing of Securus. JPay is a way for families and loved ones to get prisoners the money they need. They can use the money for commissary and other things that will help them be more comfortable while they are in prison. The acquisition of the company was a bold move for Rick Smith Securus because it is what made things better for people who were working in the prisons and even those who had loved ones in the prison system.

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Securus Technologies Changed Prison Technology for the Better

There are a lot of people that are embracing what Securus Technologies is bringing to the table. This has become the company that is quite well known for criminal investigation and video visitation software. This company has managed to build quite a resume for helping thousands of family members stay connected to their loved ones. The thing that has made this company shine is the fact that it is a company that actually presents a multitude of ways for people to get connected with different ways to communicate.


Some people do the video visitation, but this is not the only way that Securus Technologies customers have to communicate. They can also engage in messaging where they do not have to participate in long drawn-out conversation.


People that are communicating through this can also send pictures. This allows many people to simply keep in touch from day to day without spending a lot of time trying to do things like collect calls.


This has really become something that people are excited about, and that makes Securus Technologies a very profitable tech company. These communication methods for inmates are not the only things that bring profit to Securus. The company is also known for investigative software that can be used to put a stop to fraternization inside of the prison system. That may be one of the best things that people can take from this company that has managed to evolve into a powerhouse for the Department of Corrections.


I cannot deny that a company like Securus is needed for technology in the prison system. This company has made it possible for me to engage in better connections to incarcerated family members. This also makes it possible for more people to manage their visitation better. Securus Technologies helps many people save time.


Lori Senecal: A Leader In Company Success

The life and career of Lori Senecal is one of great success and astonishment. As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky(CPB Group), her hard work, tremendous talent and dedication, are the main components that have allowed her to rise to the top of her field.


From the beginning, Lori found herself surrounded in success, as her older siblings were highly successful with their own endeavors; something that Lori understood and would use as a motivational tool to achieve her own success. After graduating college with a degree in Sales and Marketing, it wouldn’t take long for Lori to find her stride, as she would develop and launch an innovative marketing unit in 2003, called the Tag Ideation. Tag Ideation is a young adult oriented marketing group. Aside from her creative ideas, Lori has worked with some of the most noticeable brands in the world such as Sprint, Xbox, Applebee’s, Staples, Weight Watcher’s, Nestle, InBev, Molson and Nabisco; not to mention she served as Global Accountant Director for Coca Cola.


Throughout her partnerships with big name corporations, it would be her own Tag Unit that would propel her career even further, working with McCann Worldgroup Inc., where she would serve as Co-Director of TAG-New York, then eventually becoming the Executive Vice President. Shortly after in 2009, Lori would go on to work for Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners(KBS+), as President and CEO.


A few years laters in 2014-2015, Lori Senecal would continue to positively bring about change, serving as CEO and elevating the company, MDC Partners; yet amazingly, still finding the time to serve as Director for the Advertising Council.


Fortunately Lori’s career achievements didn’t go unnoticed, as in 2013 she won the Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards, and in 2017 being recognized by Fast People, as One of the “Most Creative People In Business“.


A few of Lori’s strengths include her leadership skills and her ability to grow companies, along with a strategic vision that allows every company she becomes a part of, vastly improve, and quite rapidly. Under her leadership at KBS+, Lori was able to grow the private company from 250 employees to 900 worldwide; and in 2015 at CP+B, she secured the account of the global mega company, Infinity, netting in over $450 million and boosting company revenue by 21%.


As much as a visionary as she is a leader, Lori Senecal knows the digital trends of today. Lori believes the focus of today’s digital marketing trends will concentrate more on creating images and videos that stand out from the crowd, and will garner the attention of consumers; the more bold, fresh and personalized, the more chances it has to go viral.



Rick Smith Improves Securus As CEO

Rick Smith serves as the CEO of Securus in a capacity that requires him to grow the company. He knows that his brand will grow many times over because of the technology that he wishes to implement. It is easy for the company to offer the best services to the public, and Rick has asked his staff to build technology that is used by law enforcement and local authorities. This article explains how Rick has brought his company quite a lot more popularity because of his advancements.

#1: The Voice Recognition Software

The voice recognition software that was created by Securus has ensured that the company may serve local police, and they will search for the voices of people who are doing wrong. They find more criminals in this way, and they have created a program that may pass on information to the police when it becomes available. The company wants to serve everyone as much as possible, and the software helps quite a lot.

#2: The Calling Service

The calling service at Securus has been improved because Rick wants more than simple phone calls between inmates and family, and he has created a number of video calling programs at jails across America. The inmate will sit in front of the camera, and they may speak tot heir family when they are on the line. They see the people on the other end, and the calls may be placed on a computer or the app.

#3: The App

Rick has asked that the app that the company offers all customers to do anything they need to do. They will find that they may call from anywhere in the world, and they will be pleased to have the app in their pocket or on their tablet. The app is available in all app stores, and it helps people ensure that they have the finest calling experience. The digital nature of this app makes Securus easier to use.

#4: The Growth Of The Company

The growth of the company is quite important to Rick, and he is using his business acumen to ensure that the company will grow. He knows that the company will grow to ensure the help of all inmates and their families. The people who are using these apps and placing calls are helping this company grow, and they are causing this company to become a much stronger entity overall.There are many different people who are searching for a way to reach inmates and place calls. Securus has ensured that their customers will have better phone calls, and they have created quite a lot of resources for the police and the public to use where prison calls are related.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast is proving to be the “little college that could” with the big splash it is making in the rowing nationals competition. They are busy going for their 12th national title against some of the best in the country. They were recently plying their boat in Newport harbor, slicing through the water at speeds exceeding 25 mph! The beauty of rowing is that it is one of the sports left that can be called a purely amateur sport. Which means that the participants are doing it purely for the love of the sport. The captain of the team is Daniel Amado, a 22-year-old who graduated from Los Alamitos high school. What makes his enthusiasm impressive is that he recently recovered from a spine injury. Learn more:


The assistant coach for the team is Steve Morris. He is very dedicated towards the team, which is proved by his early morning drive to the harbor to be with them. He used to be head coach but work and family took over his life. In fact, he used to be a part of the team at one time, when he served as the coxswain. A coxswain is a little person sitting at the end of the boat shouting out commands to the rowers. He is drawn to the sport because of its aesthetic appeal.


Located in Costa Mesa, with a big, beautiful 164-acre campus, Orange Coast College is one of the best community colleges in California, as well as the nation. The college started giving classes a couple of years after WWII. Back then, there were only a few classes available for a couple of hundred students. However, today the college offers classes for many different disciplines for nearly 25,000 students! Learn more:


Most of the classes are related technical or career degree programs and nearly half of the students are enrolled in one of these. Compared to other community colleges in the area, Orange Coast has one of the highest transfer rates to major universities. This college is also a member of the Coast Community College District and classes start in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.


Philadelphia Salary History Law as Explained by Karl Heideck

At the start of the year, Philadelphia went down in history as the first municipality in the US to pass legislation banning prospective employers who have businesses and firms in the city from asking prospective employees their past salary. That law was first seen as a way to limit an employer’s ability to gather new information about a potential employee. However, the supporters of this legislation, including human rights advocates view it as a source of transparency in the hiring process and also as a way to bridge the gender pay gap in employment.

Women and other marginalized groups employed in the same capacity as their male counterparts frequently earn less than men because their employers after learning of their past salary, only add a small percentage to the former salary. The legislators of the law sought to ensure that this loophole during the hiring process was sealed. In the past, prospective employees who refused to indulge information regarding their past salaries or did not give approval for the new employer to contact past employers and get information regarding their history salaries were less likely to get hired.

According to this law, any business that has operations in Philadelphia whether or not its headquarters are in the municipality is bound by the law. An employer cannot do independent research on the prospective salary range of a given position when making a new hire. It is also against this law if the employer contacts the previous employer to ask the past salary history of a new hire. However, businesses are advised to seek the legal counsel of experienced lawyers to comply with the different aspects of the law.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck holds a 2003 Bachelor of Arts (English language and literature) degree from Swarthmore College and he is also an honors 2009 graduate of the James E. Beasley School of Law of Temple University. He owns his private practice in Pennsylvania. Heideck is an author of several scholarly articles and blog posts that educate the public about the effect of different business laws and how they are required to act to comply.

Heideck is experienced in legal areas of risk management, compliance, and civil litigation. He has gained profound experience in these areas from working as an attorney in Philadelphia, where he practiced general law for seven years. Heideck was board certified and licensed at Philadelphia before starting his private practice in Pennsylvania. Learn more:


Saygus spokesperson interview on NewsWatch TV

The last Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, and Saygus surprised this event’s more than 108,000 attendees with their flagship device: the Saygus V Squared, which now has a Snapdragon 835 processor. Furthermore, Tim Rush, Saygus’ Marketing & PR representative was interviewed by Newswatch’s team and here’s what he had to say:


About Saygus presence in the Mobile World Congress, Rush expressed that such company was committed to offering a client-oriented service. In fact, he asserted that “(Saygus) is all about providing the consumer experience and the consumer experience”. Later, when asked about Newswatch’s service quality he stated that “the video is extremely professional. You know, when working with consumers’ brands it’s really important to get the right message delivered in the right way at the right time to the right media, and Newswatch was able to do that excellently”.


Finally, Rush validated Newswatch’s organization with this phrase: “I would highly recommend Newswatch as an extremely professional, competent organization that listens to our needs, listens to our audience, and knows when those two are connecting. And the nexus between what we want to say and what our audience wants to hear to drive sales”


Newswatch is a Washington DC trusted source of various types of news. This company has amplified the voice of more than 650 celebrities and entertainers that have appeared on NewsWatch TV, which is a show that’s hosted by Andrew Tropeano and it’s been broadcasted since 1990. Presently, Newswatch TV is being aired on The AMC Network, where it has with its asset more than ten thousand individual stories on subjects like public policy issues, new product introductions, legal issues, celebrities, entertainment, automotive, charities, medical breakthroughs, finance, travel and a whole wide range of other topics.


After 27 seven years (and counting) not only has NewsWatch TV gone nationwide, reaching over 96 million households, but it’s also been known to over 700 people, that have been reached by the series since its creation, thanks to its experienced and dedicated staff.