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Norka Luque’s beautiful voice is fit to be the next Shakira

Norka Luque is an active musician and vocalist located in South Florida. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela in the eighties and today lives in Fort Lauderdale. Norka Luque today focuses her music genre on Latin, dance, urban and pop. She has been working her hard with her music for many years now, she started singing at a very early age but embarked to professional music after graduating from France.


Luque headed to Europe immediately after high school. At that time, her main goal was to learn how to speak French. She studied here for four years were she was a business school student. Music was a big part of her life and her hobby too. She became a part of Bad Moon Rising Band where she performed several rock tunes.


Luque moved to Monaco after business school. She managed to land a banking job here. It was at this time that she learnt that banking wasn’t just fit for her. She managed to go to the United States in a bid to start her journey in professional music. She worked with Jose Velazquez, a producer to make her first album. Her magical and sweet voice made her rise to the top and she teamed up with Estefan Emilio, a renowned producer.


Norka’s encounter Emilio was a turning point to her music career. Emilio became her producer and asked to audition with Crescent moon studios a few days later. Emilio believed in her and knew she could make her a musical star. Norka was since encouraged and is on the path to be the next Shakira.


Norka released her first single in 2011, the title of the Album was As You Do It. It instantly become a hit that year and was nominated as the best female Latin Pop artist. The legendary song was produced by Emilio and had Archie Pena write it. Norka released another single that was titled Miracle. The song topped several musical charts in Venezuela, it became a hit in the country for several months.


Her success in her past songs is just the beginning of the Venezuelan singer. She is on the path to take after Shakira. Latin music has had a huge following, she is yet to burst the music scene.

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Assisted Living Facilities, Everyone Is Talking About Them


One of the hottest and most talked about topics in the news today both online and off is the topic of assisted living facilities. Perhaps this is because everyone who has ever had to pick a home for an aging loved one understands how important this subject is. There are many aspects that make up assisted living facilities and to pick a facility on just one aspect is not a good idea. To provide the most comprehensive care you have to dig deep and look at the overall picture. Doing this will help you get the results that are right for you and your loved one.



In San Luis Obispo there is one facility that really stands out. This facility is known as The Manse On Marsh. This place has be awarded a number of awards that really mean something. The qualifications to get these awards are not easy to obtain and The Manse On Marsh continues to excel and get award after award, year after year. This certainly is not an accident.


Manse On Marsh has so many amazing benefits too. They provide transportation for the residents to go shopping and get into town. They organize trips and special events both inside the facility and off site. They have events where family members can come and visit as well as take part in an activity with their loved ones.


One thing that happens on a regular basis is movie nights. This facility has an amazing movie theatre that shows everything from classics to new, first run movies. The facility even provides fresh, hot buttered popcorn. The love and care provided by the staff at Manse is just amazing too.


If you or someone you know needs an assisted living facility, you owe it to yourself and them to check into The Manse On Marsh. This facility is one that people are talking about in a positive light.

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TOWN Residential Leases 10th Office in Less Than Six Years in NYC

When you got it – flaunt it, isn’t that how the saying goes? And luxury real estate and brokerage firm TOWN Residential is doing just that. Founded only six years ago, their 10th real estate office is opening in NYC. Andrew Heiberg is founder and CEO and an expert in business and leadership skills, and TOWN Residential is the fastest growing residential brokerage firm in New York City today.


 TOWN has established a designer accumulation that includes a team of professionals that is second to none. My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home is their slogan, which displays their values in the agency. The staff that Heiberg selects knows the city very well, and they are experienced in dealing with luxury properties. Customer service is their passion, and the clients appreciate it.


The newest addition to TOWN’s office properties is located in the meatpacking district, which adds a contemporary flair to the brokerage. This new office is strategically located for easy access to a notable gathering of neighborhoods along the Hudson River.


TOWN has the complete second floor at 446 W. 14th St. and they have it for 15 years. In NYC, that’s the way to do it! This 7,100-square-foot space also has a private roof deck on the rooftop of the adjoining three-story building, which makes this unique to NYC brokerages and is another feature that differentiates TOWN from the others.


This is the style that Mr. Heiberger has displayed in the TOWN brand since he founded it in 2010. TOWN Properties is now excelling in the real estate industry because of the amazing branding that he has developed.


Heiberger is totally pleased with this location because he sees this new TOWN Residential office sitting in the center of the entire West Side apartments and condos neighborhoods, covering clients from Hudson Yards to TriBeCa. TOWN has also opened new offices in Union Square and Greenwich Village.