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Jason Hope, A Futurist From Arizona, Is Passionate About Philanthropy And Technology

Jason Hope is an investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is passionate about technology. He grew up in Tempe.

Presently, he is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason enrolled in the esteemed Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. He also holds an MBA from ASU.

The skilled futurist uses his extensive knowledge in technology to monitor the industry and make his predictions on the future of industry. Based on his extensive analysis of existing trends, Jason is optimistic about the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future. His advice on technology has been valuable, particularly to businesses that are in need of having a competitive edge against their rivals.

Hope has been supportive of different philanthropic initiatives. He has also donated funds to various organizations, including SENS Foundation. Over the years, Jason has been following the research conducted by the organization. The foundation engages in anti-aging research. The outcome of their studies seeks to help humans to have a longer life. They have unique approach to anti-aging. The entity specializes on developing cures for diseases that affect the body owing to the aging process. Some diseases that are known to affect the body include heart diseases and Alzheimer that traditional medicine can treat once they occur. To this end, Hope has decided to collaborate with the organization for purposes of helping them develop innovative therapies for aging-related diseases. Hope suggests that it is time to focus on preventing diseases considering that much time has been spent on treating illnesses using medication.

Hope notes that new inventions and advancements can be made when more support is channeled towards scientific research that challenges the present school of thought. He urges people to support different organizations that seek to improve people’s quality of life or alleviate the challenges faced by a community. Additionally, individuals have to decide on the most appropriate way of channeling their contributions to any organization that adds value to the society.

Brad Reifler Makes Investing Easier For New Investors

Investing can seem like a daunting task, and some people may not want to invest in high interest funds not only because of the risk they pose, but possibly they don’t trust investment experts or advisors. PR News Wire reported that Brad Reifler certainly understands this dilemma because he’s seen how many Wall Street executives work and has been offering advice on how investors can avoid the pitfalls that come with investing.

First, he says investors should avoid going all in on the stock market because it tends to be the riskiest place. Second, he tells investors to do their homework on fund managers. And he also tells them to find an objective and stick to it.

Brad is the current Chairman and CEO of Forefront Capital, the third company he has founded. He started out as the founder of Reifler Trading Company, a discretionary accounts management company he founded back in 1982. He turned that company into a large futures investment firm before he sold it to Refco Inc. He built a differentiated strategy hedge fund and global equities company, Pali Capital in 1995.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler was CEO of this company from 1995 to 2009 and turned it into a billion-dollar enterprise. In 2009, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital, a company that catered primarily to fortune 500 and 1% clients for much of its beginning, but it’s now a company that services lower income investors.

Brad Reifler has seen the importance of the middle class to the investing world, and believes that they too have a chance to succeed if given the right support. He wanted to help them because at one time he tried to invest his father’s money in an IRA that would yield good results, but found that being unaccredited made that difficult.

So he decided to open a public fund that anyone could invest in regardless of whether they’re accredited. That fund, part of Forefront Income Trust has a low investment minimum of only $1,000 and investors can invest in either an IRA or Fund Shares. Forefront also provides financing options for small business owners.

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Former Owners Of Atlanta Hawks Sue Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) company, which was once partially owned by Bruce Levenson, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. AHBE alleges the insurance company breached a contract that involves the settlement of claims that were brought forth by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.

The lawsuit was filed a few years ago in the Superior Court of Fulton. The insurance company was AIG. AHBE believed a policy covered them for certain losses that related to acts of wrongful termination, workplace torts and other types of employment practices.

In a report by Forbes, during the summer of 2015, the Hawks and Ferry reached an agreement that ended the relationship. The approval of the sale of the franchise came just days later. The current owners of the Hawks knew about the complaint and they said the principal parties that were involved in the complaint do not have ties with the Atlanta Hawks organization.

About Bruce Levenson

As mentioned on Wikipedia, Levenson once owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He co-founded the company UCG back in 1977. The businessman is a founding board member of TechTarget and he worked as an adviser for BIA Digital Partners.

As of now, the lawsuit has not been resolved and Bruce Levenson continues to work in the business and philanthropic world.