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Betsy DeVos Shows Ways To Help People

While it is a good thing to help others, it is important to think things through so that the efforts at helping others are actually significant. One thing that people don’t seem to look at when they try to help people is the actual effect it could have on the recipient of the assistance. For one thing, it can be more helpful for people to look at the issue at its root. This is the case for poor communities. When people take the time to look at the problem in order to identify a root, then they will be more likely to actually take on the issue in an effective manner. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

With Betsy DeVos, she has seen that the issue is with the educational system. For one thing, she understands that people need education in order to be able to effectively handle their lives. However, there also has to be a will to build and strengthen communities. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos is one of the people that have a will to build the communities. She is also highly educated in different fields so that she can hold offices. She also has a caring personality that gets people wanting to take part in her plans to bring forth better communities and a better education system.

Betsy DeVos’s passion for getting kids better education has had its beginning. It has started when she and her husband has helped a family continue paying for their kids to attend a school outside of the community. While Betsy and Dick has had no problem making sure that their children go to better schools, they have noticed families that are struggling but are making huge sacrifices to make sure that their children are getting the best possible education. Betsy and her husband have decided to provide help to the family.

After helping the family, she has decided that she can take this kind of assistance to a larger scale. Her way of doing this is by bringing more options to the families when it comes to the different schools that they can have their children attend without having to pay a lot of money.

End Citizens United PAC Launches New Bid to Make their Name Permanent

One of the things that were remarkable about the just concluded elections was the sheer number of PACs that were drawn into the process. As the political temperatures started heating up, and it became apparent that the election would be closely contested, some of the PACs that haven’t been heard of in many years came back to life and started playing an active role in the politics of the day. Perhaps the nature of the election was not the only motivating factor for these groups. As one of the PACs has suggested, the Citizens United legislature, which was signed into law in 2010, might have had a role to play in the process.


The law allows super PACs to take part in the election campaigns and to support the candidates of their choice. Some social activist groups have been arguing that the law created a loophole that is leading to a lot of dark money getting its way into the politics. One Political Action Committee, The End Citizens United group has some serious issues with the legislation in particular. They have vowed to do everything within their means to ensure that the constitution is amended and that the interference of groups such as the Koch brothers in the politics of the day is kept to a minimum.


This group is very serious about their initiative. When they started out, they had only raised $2million to support the candidates of their choice. They aligned themselves with the Democratic Party as they believe this is the party that agrees the most with their values. By the end of the campaign cycle, they had managed to raise $30,million and are hoping that they can get to file a petition at the Supreme Court. In addition to the money, the group is also hoping that they will manage to increase the number of signatures for the petition from the current 300,000 to a million. They have joined hands with the ‘Ready for Hillary’ movement, which has four million members, to see if they can get the signatures to that number.


There are analysts who claim that the move to have the constitution amended is a little too ambitious for this group. While the group agrees that it is not a must to get a hearing from the Supreme Court, and that even if they do, it doesn’t mean the constitution will be amended, they still feel that they have a role to play in ensuring that the common citizens understand how their constitution works. They also feel that this is an opportunity to let the Americans know that despite the results of the elections, they still have their voice and they can still complain when they feel something is not right.



George Soros Returns to Political and Investment Activity

The hedge fund legend George Soros was notable for his absence from a number of areas he had previously played a key role in, but this absence has led to a stunning return to prominence in 2015 and 2016 in all areas of the work of the man born in 1930. In terms of his business career, George Soros has always been an integral part of Wall Street with investors of all budget levels monitoring the moves of the Soros Fund Management brand closely; Forbes reports the appointment of Dawn Fotzpatrick to operate the Soros Fund Management company comes at a time when George Soros has made a triumphant return to investing and philanthropy.

A personal fortune rated at more than $25 billion in 2017 allows George Soros the chance to explore the many different options open to him in philanthropy and political giving. George Soros began the 21st century by making a major impact on U.S. politics as rules on financial giving were relaxed for political donors who hoped to push forward a particular political party, candidate, or cause. In the 2004 Presidential campaign season the lifelong liberal and supporter of Democrat’s funded the campaign of John Kerry to the tune of a reported $27 million, according to Politico. Despite remaining a major political figure George Soros largely sat out the 2008 and 2012 elections after making an early decision to back President Barrack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

The backing of President Obama in 2008 seems to have been a decision George Soros has found difficulties with as he privately admitted to aides of former Secretary of State Clinton he had made a mistake in not backing her for the 2008 election season. In 2016, George Soros has been extremely active on a number of political fronts, but has made the majority of headlines for his strong pro Hillary Clinton stance and anti-Donald Trump motivations; the Clinton campaign and groups supporting her candidacy for The White House have benefited to the tune of more than $25 million during the campaign season. Not all the finds provided by George Soros have been funneled directly to the Clinton campaign, but have instead made their way to groups assisting minorities within U.S. society in protecting their voting rights and ensuring a high voter turnout. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Despite making a major return to the political donating scene, George Soros has always struggled with the idea that a single individual can have such a major impact on national and international politics. Recently, Soros made the largest allowed donation to the End Citizens United group who are fighting to end the ability of political donors, such as the Koch Brothers to influence elections by investing millions of dollars.

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Wen By Chaz Is Popular For A Reason

When it comes to the product Wen by Chaz, it has grown increasingly popular on Facebook recently. As with anything, there is a reason for that. That reason is the fact that it delivers what it says it is going to deliver, no matter what kind of hair someone has. That is the thing about Chaz Dean: he cares about all of the people out there. He does not do this just for one group of people and leave others out. No matter what kind of hair someone has, they are going to be happy with Wen hair.

When his customers are happy, he is happy. That is the reason he gets up in the morning and does this. He takes a lot of pride in his work, and he knows people respect his name. Chaz Dean means something in the hair care community. For many people, they will only use his products. They use his products because they know they are going to get the best hair care products on the market. There is no second place for Chaz Dean. He is always leading the way when it comes to hair care, and that is the way he prefers it. Check out his online store at

Emily McClure of took the time to review Wen by Chaz, and her review can be found here: It’s a great review that really goes the extra mile for her readers. She took photos, added her thoughts, and even gave a final paragraph with her summary of it. One of the most striking things about it is the fact that it gave her confidence and people noticed. So many times people get a haircut or try out a new product, and no one even notices. With Wen by Chaz, it is impossible to ignore the positive changes it makes on someone’s hair.


The Dangers of Debt: Brad Reifler is Making a Difference

Many people today want to get in a better financial position. However, this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. A lot of people struggle with learning how to invest and in what areas of the economy they should concentrate on. Over the long term, this is a great area to look at.

Many people are ready to start getting out of debt and paying towards their future. With that being said, you need to remember what kind of impact that debt has on your personal life. Many people today are carrying high balances of debt on their student loans and credit cards. If this describes your current situation, you need to think about ways that you can invest for the future and change the world in the process. Brad Reifler is the type of person who is ready to help people reach their financial goals.

Brad Reifler

When he first started out in business, Brad Reifler was all about helping others at a high level. There are a lot of people who are ready to see what he can do to help others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he strongly believes in paying off your debt before you get into complicated investing plans.

A lot of people today are ready to see what he can do to help them pay off debt. For that goal, it really is just about getting organized to take things to the next level. It may require you to spend less in certain areas or to work an extra job. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Whatever it is, you need to think about ways that you can make a difference in your personal finances by working with a professional. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler can help you get there.

Debt Options

The good news is that there are plenty of different options when it comes to paying off your debt. Many people are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in the economy today. Not only that, but you need to look at your personal situation and figure out your plans for the future. This is a great way to start out your journey.

The Contributions Of Oncotarget To The Advancement Of Medical Research

Oncotarget is an American multidisciplinary journal that aims to help authors to boost the reach and impression of their published works. The journal specializes in the publication of research papers, case studies, reviews, books, and editorials that touch on oncology, pathology, age-related diseases, and endocrinology.

However, the success enjoyed by Oncotarget has enabled them to expand their research base to fields such as cardiology, cell biology, metabolism, neuroscience, pharmacology, and much more. The journal publishes weekly papers and helps researchers to advance the course of science in creating a life without diseases.

Oncotarget allows for the quick sharing of extraordinary research findings. The insightful peer review mechanism and advisory boards ensure that publications are unbiased, not manipulated and are of the highest quality standards. Download output styles at

Since 2010, it has been published by Impact Journals and is under the leadership of distinguished scientists such as Mikhail Blagosklonny, the editor-in-chief. He is a specialist in oncology and anti-aging medicine at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in New York. He has published over 270 papers that have gathered more than 25,000 citations in peer-reviewed journals.

Oncotarget features as one of the renowned journals in the U.S with over 10,000 citations and an impact factor of 5.008 between 2015 and 2016. In 2015, the journal received the highest ranking from Scopus with a Q1 rank and five-year impact factor of 5.415 in oncology and general medicine.

It operates using an open access business model that provides the basis for its scholarly journals to be made available online without any legal, financial or technical impediments other than those associated with accessing the internet.

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The journal, however, supports itself through submission fees that are unique to the type of entry a researcher wants to publish. The submission fees sustain the open access model and are used to cater for expenses such as legal and ethical costs, online archiving and hosting, dissemination and promotion of publications, investigation of data manipulation and plagiarism, as well as protecting the integrity of the publications and the journal as a whole.

Article submissions are done through an online system, and Oncotarget implements the Creative Commons Attribution License. This license enables authors to maintain ownership of all copyrights. However, no permission is required from the author when another individual wants to reuse or redistribute the publication. The only requirement is to cite the source, and this allows work to be freely and openly accessible . Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

Madison Street Capital Is An Award-Winning Investment Firm

When the finalists for the 15th annual M&A Awards were announced in August 2016, and Chicago-based Madison Street Capital was one of chosen, very few people in the merger and acquisition industry were surprised. Charles Botchway and Tony Marsala built a strong boutique investment firm the old fashion way. Hard work, perseverance, networking, and the strong urge to help small businesses grow, are the tools Botchway and Marsala used to be one of the best M&A firms in the industry.



Madison Street Capital was nominated for being the boutique investment firm of the year, and for closing the acquisition deal between Acuna and Associados S.A., and Dowco. The Dowco acquisition deal was just one of the M&A transactions that Madison Street Capital orchestrates every year. Botchway is known for negotiating transactions valued at $100 million to $500 million. Botchway has an excellent track record and a solid reputation when it comes to closing small and medium-sized mergers and acquisitions. In fact, the Madison Street Capital reputation in the investment industry is a global reputation. Tony Marsala is an expert in emerging market mergers and acquisitions.




Mergers and Acquisitions are just one of the financial services offered by Madison Street. The financial advisory services they provide to small businesses, and their valuation services are the best in the industry, according to Madison Street’s Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. Madison Street Capital is an all-inclusive financial company that pays attention to details when analyzing the potential in companies that want to expand. Being recognized by M&A Advisor is proof. Madison Street Capital is serious about what they do.




The M&A Advisor has recognized the top performers in the industry for the last 19 years. The cream of the crop in the M&A industry has won the M&A Advisor award. But it is also an honor to be nominated. Madison Street Capital is on track to make company M&A projections in 2017. The executive team’s focus is on healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology, retail, energy, mining, and transportation companies. Focusing on those companies, in those sectors of the economy, produced excellent results the last two years. Mergers in the energy sector were above average in 2016. Retail mergers are still challenging, but healthcare mergers like the Bracco/Bayer AG proposed merger are still sending shock waves through the industry. That merger is a $4.3 million deal. Botchway and Marsala don’t get involved in deals that big for a number of reasons.


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