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Market America Events Was a Big Success

The Market America Events 2017 World Conference was held in Miami, Florida and had 25,000 people show up to join the celebration. Many exciting updates were showcased, including new strategic updates, new products, and new technologies. The Shopping Annuity was featured and many new amazing products were highlighted, including Motives by Loren Ridinger which is a new cosmetics line. DNA Miracles was another product featured and Marc Ashley, the President of Market America Events gave updates about SHOP Local. Marc Ashley also made some announcements and showcased the Shop Buddy’s newest version. Overall, the event was a very big success.

The Inspiration Of Doe Deere To Bring Dreams to Life

While many people have dreams, they need examples of people who have made their dreams come true. One thing they can do is observe the habits of people that have pursued their dreams successfully. For one thing, there are common threads for people that are successful. Among the successful examples that people can look at is Doe Deere. She is one of the successful and innovative entrepreneurs. She gains her success through her thoughtfulness and passion. This is one of the reasons that she has inspired many to follow in her footsteps. She has achieved a fulfilling life. She can inspire others to pursue what they are passionate about as well.


Doe Deere has also gone on interviews with people that are willing to find out more about her For one thing, she has learned how to market at a very young age. Therefore, she knows the secret to being successful in business. She is willing to share her secrets with the rest of the world. One of her secrets is that she is honest. She chooses to live an authentic life in every way that she can. One thing she does is make sure that she creates products that give people a multitude of benefits.


Doe Deere has held plenty of different positions in her lifetime. Before getting started in makeup she has been a musician. She has learned the importance of marketing for the success of anything she does. After her career making music, she has taken her lessons towards business. Given that she has started her own business as a teenager, success has come easily for Doe Deere with Lime Crime. She has done a lot of research in order to build products that are good for people. She not only wanted to bring forth cosmetic improvements but also wanted to help people maintain their health with the natural ingredients in the products.


Lime Crime has been very successful as a cosmetic product line. Therefore, Doe Deere has begun to look for new ways to expand her business. Among the new products that she has come up with is the Unicorn hair dye.


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One Woman’s Journey with Wen by Chaz

For those who haven’t heard of Wen by Chaz, get ready to be intrigued. The product line has been out for years, known for its commercials where the cleansing conditioner transforms women’s hair from dry, fried strands into gorgeous bouncing locks that seem to drip with shine. Founder Chaz Dean’s hair is an absolute picture of glowing health and I must admit, I would trade my lion’s mane of hair for his smooth hair.

While the Wen hair line is quite expansive, it is known best on Twitter for the revolutionary cleansing conditioner. This is one simple jar of product that is touted as a 5-in-1 system. The Sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner is able to add deep moisture to your hair while simultaneously gently cleansing it with no harsh chemicals or sulfates. It is known to be able to replace your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler and even your deep conditioner! It also doesn’t hurt that the products smell absolutely delicious! recently showcased one of their writers’ experiences when she tried out Wen by Chaz for 7 days. The article was fascinating and the writer mentioned in several places she struggles with very fine hair. While I have the opposite problem of extremely thick hair, her journey still intrigued me. While she went through the inevitable ups and downs of using a new product (especially on fine hair which can be extra sensitive), her overall recommendation was that it was a great product for people that wanted to take the time to have truly gorgeous, healthy, nourished hair.

The writer’s actual 7-day journey can be read here on

She provides an excellent, highly detailed recap. She also posts photos along with each day, which I found very helpful and to make her review a little more tangible as to what her hair naturally looked like.

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Many Colors

A Rare Woman of Many Talents, Trends, Statements and Colors – A Unicorn


Doe Deere stands among the rare lines of self-taught fashion and beauty female entrepreneurs under 40 years old. She has been to numerous parts of the world selling her cosmetics and had even met Prince once. She stands as both a pillar and a model to follow for all young women who seek fame and a following. She is known by many as Queen of the Unicorns; she likewise calls every bold young follower of hers a Unicorn.


Mrs. Deere claims that true success does not always offer an easy path, but that anyone can make it happen with both time and dedicated persistence, and so can you. She now sits as the founder and owner of Lime Crime, a cosmetics business that has sold to millions and continues well in the business today with efforts to further expand into the market as of 2018 and beyond.


Beauty Does Not Lie in One Color or Look, for Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and It is Everywhere


Mrs. Deere is known well for making the statements that beauty may come in many colors and that everyone may define beauty differently; she has successfully done so through her sale of multiple styles, trends and colors that are available for viewing online or in-store. She even dyes her hair in multiple unique colors at a time or one by one, showing the world that she simply doesn’t care what other people may think about her and that everyone should be bold and write a new standard for what defines “normal” and defy it time and again. Any young woman can be beautiful, and the most important beauty is the one that lies inside; this fact is often stated but not often taken to heart or remembered for its worth, so here’s a healthy reminder.


Beauty should never be limited to one color or standard, for different people see things through different lenses, and that’s perfectly acceptable. We do, after all, live in a globally-connected world in which we all must love and respect one other to survive and thrive, and that’s the message that Mrs. Deere promotes every time she is publicly interviewed; it lies at the core of her being, and that’s what drives her and Lime Crime to success and even greater things to come.


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Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

When it comes right down to it, the Internet of Things is the future of the world. We don’t mean to say that with any hyperbole, and you probably aren’t sure what the Internet of Things is in any event.

The Internet of Things refers to the connectivity between every day items and the internet. Think of automated vehicles, keyless security systems, and refrigerators with televisions on them. Does this all start to sound familiar? For Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and philanthropist behind the SENS Foundation, the Internet of Things represents the future.

Before your mind leaps to some sort of “Jetson Family’ type future, Jason Hope has a few words of caution. Hope believes that current technology leaves the Internet of Things as little more than a ‘convenient option’ at the time of this writing. However, Hope does believe that there is a bright future for the technology as a whole. In fact, pushed on the subject you can tell that Hope believes that the IoT is going to be a life changing movement within the tech world. Hope believes that the major players across the corporate landscape would be wise to start investing in the IoT.

One of the biggest perks for the IoT, according to Jason Hope, is how it will streamline the life that we live. Imagine waking up in the morning and brewing a cup of coffee simply by pressing a button on your phone. Imagine roads with fewer cars, fewer accidents, and less waste. That is the Internet of Things in a nutshell.

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