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Rick Smith’s Dedication to Prisons Gave Him the Ability to Help Prisons

Rick Smith understood how hard it was for the people who were running prisons. He knew they had a thankless job and they didn’t always have the resources they needed. As the CEO of Securus, he worked with prison officials on a regular basis and made sure he was giving them everything they needed to be successful. He was also sure he could do more to make the industry better because he knew they needed someone to help them through the difficult process of running a prison. Rick Smith liked to always make sure he was working toward a successful prison career. He has always wanted to show people they are going to have a better life if they have the chance to be successful while they are running prisons. He also wants them to know he is dedicated to their lives and providing them with the tools they need. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

One of the first things he did was create the kiosks. The kiosks were a signature of Securus for a long time before other companies began copying what they had done. The kiosks also symbolized a time of change in the prison industry. Never before had prisons had the chance to give their inmates the technology that was coming from the kiosks. It was something that had been unprecedented until that point and something that allowed Rick Smith to actually make sure he was doing the right thing. Most prisons that had the kiosks appreciated the options they had and that’s why Rick Smith continued to produce them. Visit for more info.

The inmates thought the kiosks were for them. Rick Smith had actually made the kiosks for the people who were in the business, but he didn’t want to let the prisoners know that. A side effect of the prisoners thinking the kiosks were for them was that they would feel more comfortable being in the prison. They thought they had a luxury in the kiosks and that’s what happened to make them the best they could be. The prisoners that were happy would make it easier on the prison facilitators that needed complacency in the prison.

As Rick Smith continues to do this, he is working to acquire even more business. He recently took JPay under the wing of Securus. JPay is a way for families and loved ones to get prisoners the money they need. They can use the money for commissary and other things that will help them be more comfortable while they are in prison. The acquisition of the company was a bold move for Rick Smith Securus because it is what made things better for people who were working in the prisons and even those who had loved ones in the prison system.

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Securus Technologies Changed Prison Technology for the Better

There are a lot of people that are embracing what Securus Technologies is bringing to the table. This has become the company that is quite well known for criminal investigation and video visitation software. This company has managed to build quite a resume for helping thousands of family members stay connected to their loved ones. The thing that has made this company shine is the fact that it is a company that actually presents a multitude of ways for people to get connected with different ways to communicate.


Some people do the video visitation, but this is not the only way that Securus Technologies customers have to communicate. They can also engage in messaging where they do not have to participate in long drawn-out conversation.


People that are communicating through this can also send pictures. This allows many people to simply keep in touch from day to day without spending a lot of time trying to do things like collect calls.


This has really become something that people are excited about, and that makes Securus Technologies a very profitable tech company. These communication methods for inmates are not the only things that bring profit to Securus. The company is also known for investigative software that can be used to put a stop to fraternization inside of the prison system. That may be one of the best things that people can take from this company that has managed to evolve into a powerhouse for the Department of Corrections.


I cannot deny that a company like Securus is needed for technology in the prison system. This company has made it possible for me to engage in better connections to incarcerated family members. This also makes it possible for more people to manage their visitation better. Securus Technologies helps many people save time.