A Dedicated Insurance Expert – John Ritenour

John Ritenour is an expert in matters of insurance, having been in the industry for many years. John Ritenour was mainly focused on his clients’ needs, and the same goes for the current CEO, his son Heath Ritenour. IOA is focused on offering tailored insurance coverage for its clients. Through John’s dedication, the company has established itself as an industry leader and has also helped the IOA sports division make notable partnerships. Covering sports entities is quite a difficult task, but IOA and its team are up to the task. It involves careful evaluation in order to cover all loopholes and cover risks such as Covid-19, terrorism, and concussions.

Some of the partners of IOA sports Insurance include Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Wizards, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Charlotte Hornets, to mention but a few. IOA’s success in sports insurance can be attributed to John Ritenour’s experience in insurance that allows him to cover any gap to ensure that a sports team is fully insured and undertakes no losses. John Ritenour started this sports insurance division with his son Heath Ritenour who is also an experienced insurance expert.

The company first started out with Orlando Magic, who requested IOA to be their official insurance broker. IOA presented a set of conditions that were well received by the Orlando Magic, and the partnership began. This partnership helped IOA to spread its wings and gain more clients from other cities. They would advertise in local community events organized by the teams, and this would help spread the word about their services.

John Ritenour has always had a go-getter spirit since he was a small kid, and this translated to him becoming a successful insurance broker. He built IOA from the ground up and then passed it on to his son, whom he constantly offers valuable insight and guidance.