About Tom Keane

Tom Keane is a technological specialist with many years of experience at Microsoft Corporation. He has steered teams that have helped solve tough and great challenges for Microsoft. Tom Keane is experienced in cyber security, cloud computing, digital sovereignty, product development, and digital transformation, among other areas. Tom is reputable for innovation, strategic thinking, and commitment to ensuring that Microsoft performs well. 


Tom Keane was named the Executive of the cloud industry in 2021 by Washington Exec. Microsoft is known for empowering the software development community highly. They have developer tools that support various vital industries such as financial services and healthcare. Any developer out there can become a space developer with Azure.


With Tom Keane as the corporate vice president of Azure, Microsoft has extended its space by partnering with other leaders in the space industry. This, to allow their partners and customers achieve more. Tom Keane explains that Microsoft Corporation also intends to magnify its mission by partnering with Airbus and premium satellite imagery to elevate data in Microsoft’s Azure maps. 


Tom Keane explains that Azure space can extract and leverage data that can be used to transform industries and create new paradigms. Azure space, therefore, can make possibilities for their clients. Tom Keane is the leader of a worldwide engineering team committed to creating Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing podium to enable adoption by every country, industry, and customer worldwide. 

His firm has led Azure’s Global infrastructure, designing and launching future Azure data center regions, developing global coverage and Microsoft’s hub, service ring, hero, and availability zone infrastructure. Tom Keane has worked to ensure that Azure is an industry leader in the computer and software industry.