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Lori Senecal: A Leader In Company Success

The life and career of Lori Senecal is one of great success and astonishment. As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky(CPB Group), her hard work, tremendous talent and dedication, are the main components that have allowed her to rise to the top of her field.


From the beginning, Lori found herself surrounded in success, as her older siblings were highly successful with their own endeavors; something that Lori understood and would use as a motivational tool to achieve her own success. After graduating college with a degree in Sales and Marketing, it wouldn’t take long for Lori to find her stride, as she would develop and launch an innovative marketing unit in 2003, called the Tag Ideation. Tag Ideation is a young adult oriented marketing group. Aside from her creative ideas, Lori has worked with some of the most noticeable brands in the world such as Sprint, Xbox, Applebee’s, Staples, Weight Watcher’s, Nestle, InBev, Molson and Nabisco; not to mention she served as Global Accountant Director for Coca Cola.


Throughout her partnerships with big name corporations, it would be her own Tag Unit that would propel her career even further, working with McCann Worldgroup Inc., where she would serve as Co-Director of TAG-New York, then eventually becoming the Executive Vice President. Shortly after in 2009, Lori would go on to work for Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners(KBS+), as President and CEO.


A few years laters in 2014-2015, Lori Senecal would continue to positively bring about change, serving as CEO and elevating the company, MDC Partners; yet amazingly, still finding the time to serve as Director for the Advertising Council.


Fortunately Lori’s career achievements didn’t go unnoticed, as in 2013 she won the Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards, and in 2017 being recognized by Fast People, as One of the “Most Creative People In Business“.


A few of Lori’s strengths include her leadership skills and her ability to grow companies, along with a strategic vision that allows every company she becomes a part of, vastly improve, and quite rapidly. Under her leadership at KBS+, Lori was able to grow the private company from 250 employees to 900 worldwide; and in 2015 at CP+B, she secured the account of the global mega company, Infinity, netting in over $450 million and boosting company revenue by 21%.


As much as a visionary as she is a leader, Lori Senecal knows the digital trends of today. Lori believes the focus of today’s digital marketing trends will concentrate more on creating images and videos that stand out from the crowd, and will garner the attention of consumers; the more bold, fresh and personalized, the more chances it has to go viral.



How Lori Senecal has driven CP+B to Success

Lori Senecal is a respected professional who has made significant accomplishments in the advertising sector. She is currently the Global CEO of CP+B and has been holding the position as from March 2015. Her term in office will end in December 2017. Senecal had acted as the CEO of MDC Partners Network before she was offered her current position. The co-founder and chairperson of the company, Chuck Potter, believe that she has made great contributions that have enhanced the agency’s services by making it flexible and lively.

CP+B have accomplished a lot during the tenure of Lori Senecal. In October 2015, she led the company in winning the advertisement account of American Airlines. The firm successfully took over the contract from TM Advertising, which had served as the main advertising agency for the airline for more than 25 years. Chuck has been working closely with Lori to establish an innovative leadership team for the company. The two have been working together in making brilliant decisions that will guarantee an outstanding future management for CP+B. Potter believes that his company will be prepared for administrative changes by the end of the year. Lori’s leadership has allowed the company to offer excellent services.

According to Salary, the advertising agency is currently establishing a new generation of leaders. Danielle Aldrich was recently appointed by the firm to act as its president of CP+B West. In her new office, she will be the head of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Aldrich served CP+B Boulder as a managing director before she was offered her current position. The company appreciates her for the role that she played in the American Airlines and Hershey accounts.

CP+B operate ten branches that are headed by innovative entrepreneurs who have committed themselves to ensuring that it is successful in the international markets. According to Lori, improving the capabilities of regional leaders makes it easy for the firm to utilize resources in all its branches. The plan enables the company’s clients to be served by more creative and strategic talents. Senecal believes that Danielle deserves the position because she displayed the right image of the agency. Aldrich is a determined individual, and she uses outstanding techniques in addressing complex issues. To know more visit Business profile.


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