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Bob Reina Leads Talk Fusion and Gives Back Regularly

In the business world, it is difficult to find leaders who are concerned with both being a successful business while also using their position to help the employees and the community around them. Bob Reina is unique as he does both of these and he does them well. His employees, he affectionately calls his “tech team,” know him as a founder and CEO that is concerned for their success as well as the company’s. Talk Fusion is located in Tampa, and reaches around the world.

Reina is a great influencer who leads his company by example. His motto is “with great success comes great responsibility”, and he uses it in his private life and as well as with his employees. Reina is dedicated to “Giving Back”, and in 2015, he donated a record one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society to build a shelter for strays, and he regularly donates to an orphanage in Indonesia.

Giving Back is Protocol for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

Leading his employees, Mr. Reina has a passion for helping the non-profits, and he gives them an All-in-One Solutions package for their business for free, which is Talk Fusion’s best package.

Last year, in 2016, the tech team and Reina released the unmatched Free Trial for the public. What makes this 30 day Free Trial so incredible is that Talk Fusion is not requiring a credit card to register, which is unheard of in the retail world, but Bob wants to give everyone an opportunity.

Mr. Reina is a philanthropist that looks for ways to help people, and in turn Talk Fusion has become one of the top video communication companies in the industry. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion when he was unable to send a Video Email through any other company.

According to PR News Wire, It went around the globe and quickly gained the name of an excellent video, and a decade later, Talk Fusion creates excellent products.