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Rick Smith Improves Securus As CEO

Rick Smith serves as the CEO of Securus in a capacity that requires him to grow the company. He knows that his brand will grow many times over because of the technology that he wishes to implement. It is easy for the company to offer the best services to the public, and Rick has asked his staff to build technology that is used by law enforcement and local authorities. This article explains how Rick has brought his company quite a lot more popularity because of his advancements.

#1: The Voice Recognition Software

The voice recognition software that was created by Securus has ensured that the company may serve local police, and they will search for the voices of people who are doing wrong. They find more criminals in this way, and they have created a program that may pass on information to the police when it becomes available. The company wants to serve everyone as much as possible, and the software helps quite a lot.

#2: The Calling Service

The calling service at Securus has been improved because Rick wants more than simple phone calls between inmates and family, and he has created a number of video calling programs at jails across America. The inmate will sit in front of the camera, and they may speak tot heir family when they are on the line. They see the people on the other end, and the calls may be placed on a computer or the app.

#3: The App

Rick has asked that the app that the company offers all customers to do anything they need to do. They will find that they may call from anywhere in the world, and they will be pleased to have the app in their pocket or on their tablet. The app is available in all app stores, and it helps people ensure that they have the finest calling experience. The digital nature of this app makes Securus easier to use.

#4: The Growth Of The Company

The growth of the company is quite important to Rick, and he is using his business acumen to ensure that the company will grow. He knows that the company will grow to ensure the help of all inmates and their families. The people who are using these apps and placing calls are helping this company grow, and they are causing this company to become a much stronger entity overall.There are many different people who are searching for a way to reach inmates and place calls. Securus has ensured that their customers will have better phone calls, and they have created quite a lot of resources for the police and the public to use where prison calls are related.

Dr. Mark McKenna is Set to Reinvent Elective Healthcare with His New Aesthetic Practice, OVME

Dr. S. Mark McKenna has cut a niche in both the medical and entrepreneurship. He holds a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Good service to patients has always been his drive, which has seen him become renowned in the field across the country. He received his medical training at the Tulane University Medical School that laid him a good foundation to launch his career.

Career Development

He embraced entrepreneurship immediately after graduating from the university. His first venture was a real estate development enterprise, McKenna Venture Investments based in New Orleans. He continued growing his business and expanded his interests to finance by launching Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. He was at the time practicing medicine alongside his father. He recorded losses after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 prompting him to move to Atlanta 2 years later. After the move, he immersed fully into medical career launching an aesthetic medical practice, ShapeMed. He grew the practice to command a top place in the medical sector in the United States. Seven years into the business, Life Time Fitness acquired it and gave him a post to serve as the firm’s National Director.

Current Practice

Over the years and as he grew his experience in the aesthetic medical field, he spotted improvements that the sector needed. He sought to fill the gap by launching an aesthetic medicine practice, OVME in July this year. The practice is equipped with modern technology ready to revolutionize the experience of elective healthcare.

His Drive

He has risen to the top in his career by being focused on his goals. He believes in setting goals to achieve his visions and normally meditates on them which aids in realizing them. He has learned to reinvent himself by surrounding himself with people of great mind who are smarter than him. To know more about him click here.

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Besides growing his career, he has been a member of the board of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board as well as the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He also serves at the Entrepreneurs Organization as a member.

He is a committed community serviceman. After the Hurricane Katrina, he was actively involved in rebuilding low-income houses for the victims.