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End Citizens United – Times Of Change

End Citizens United is a movement that started in August 2015, and it aims to change the current political system of the United States. The group tries to be a major player in political campaign finance reform and have funded several Democratic candidates for Senate and House seats for millions. With small donors, the movement has been able to raise more than $2 million so far, a significant margin compared to what the team expected to grow. More than that: According to experts, it is on track to gain $25 to $30 million on this entire cycle.

With fighting corruption as one of its mission, the End Citizens United has acquired the trust and support of many Americans. The movement is looking to pass an amendment to the constitution that could reverse the Supreme Court’s decision called the Citizen United. This decision by the Supreme Court resulted in super PAC’s and unleased a food of underground money in politics, but the biggest damage that this landmark created in the political scene is a rise in corruption and external interests.

End Citizens United has been able to get approximately 325,000 signatures in 2015, in support of this amendment. That number has undoubtedly received a boost, because, since then, the movement has vigorously supported Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The group has partnered with “Ready Hillary” and is looking to reach liberal supporters by renting out its email list to more than four million people.

Why Democrats? It is the usual question that the movement gets and, for them, it is a fair question to answer. According to the group, they are supporting the Democrats because they are with them in the fight against Citizens United and that they believe in the Democrats style of leadership. In addition, Republic congressmen and women are blocking the reversal of the Citizens United decision. By electing pro-reform Democrats like Jon Ossoff, they raise awareness of how broken the political scene has become.

Since the group’s mission is to fight corruption, they advocate transparency in spending and earning, and what better way to promote transparency than to show that you are complying with transparency measures yourself? The group’s motto is, “We practice what we preach.” End Citizens United funding comes from thousands of grassroots supporters from across the nation.

The group aims to fulfill its mission by making the issue of dark money in politics as a national priority, using grassroots support to show political power on the topic of money in politics, supporting Democratic candidates who support campaign reform, and working with ballot measure campaigns in order to pass laws in the states that support reform.

End Citizens United is serious in overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision because for them that decision opened the gates for billionaires and those with special interest spend huge and untraceable money in elections.