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Luiz Carlos Trabuco And The Corporate Success Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi pursued a first degree in philosophy and masters in socio-psychology from the University of São Paulo. Upon completion, he began his career at the Bradesco bank in 1969 as a clerk and rising over the hierarchy levels over the years as outlined below:
• 1984: Director of Bradesco’s marketing department.
• 1992-1998: President and executive director of Bradesco’s private pension group.
• 1999: Executive vice-president of Bradesco.
• 1999-2005: Chief executive of Bradesco’s board of directors.
• 2003-2009: President of Bradesco’s insurance group.
• 2009-Date: Bradesco’s president.

In March 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became the fourth president of Bradesco replacing Márcio Cypriano. This was amidst the financial crisis facing the bank. Owing to the likely fall in the bank’s profitability, Cappi began his presidency tenure in an unfavorable economic environment. He was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the bank remained at the top of the financial ladder.

Through his leadership skills, he sought to acquire HSBC’s Brazilian branch. As such, Bradesco gained a competitive advantage as compared to its competitor, Itaú Unibanco, in terms of total investment funds, target customer share and branch network. It was also able to bring its deposits, assets and granted loans to a close range with those of Itaú Unibanco. Hence, it was in a position to keep up with the competition from its rivals.

Cappi sought to renewal the cadres of leadership in the bank. He was determined to ensure the autonomy of all promoted personnel within the bank. He established an open communication culture to allow employees to freely share their ideas in promoting the welfare of the organization. He also introduced a corporate university in a bid to search for competent and qualified market professionals.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Professional Personality

Cappi’s personality in the corporate world seeks to unite resilience, claw and wisdom. He is a firm believer of renewal and continuity. His positivism in management has seen him winning a number of awards including the insurance personality of 2007. He believes that the insurance sector plays a crucial role in maintaining the societal welfare.

Through positivism, the profitability of Bradesco has progressed significantly since the commencement of his term in the presidency. Cappi believes that in the absence of hope and confidence, success can hardly be attained in the insurance market. The professional personality of Cappi has been a great contributor in the maintenance of Bradesco’s market leadership. Hence, Bradesco has remained a stiff market competitor.

While in the marketing department, Cappi assisted in the modernization of Bradesco’s publicity. He ensured that the bank established a culture of openness to both the local and international media despite his loatheness to journalists. As such, the bank’s insurance group doubled its corporate size and acquired a market share of 25%. The net income of the insurance group also increased to 35%. He is a great proponent of decentralization of the bank’s various groups and sectors.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Influential Capacity

Being the president of Bradesco, Cappi is seen as an influential leader in the economic life of Brazil. Hence, his economic opinions are held in high regard by political and business leaders alike. Newspapers and magazines prominently publish his economic views for all to gain significant economic insights.

In conclusion, lack of an education background in finance, marketing, economics or other related fields has not stopped Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi from being a great leader in the banking environment. His psychology training instilled in him a personality of identifying impeccable people management skills. He gives everyone an equal opportunity to express themselves in a bid to attain the goals and objectives of Bradesco.

Eli Gershkovitch: A Canadian Craft Beer Success Story

Canada has a wide array of quality craft beers. And craft beer brewing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This type of beer appeals to a more diverse range of customers than traditional mass-market beers. Craft beers produced in Ontario, Canada win many medals for quality every year. One Canadian craft beer brewer that has seen his product gain a growing customer base in Canada and internationally is Eli Gershkovitch, CEO and brewmaster of Steamworks Brewery. One of Canada’s most popular craft beer breweries, Steamworks produces a number of top-selling craft beers.


Eli Gershkovitch has been involved in brewing Canadian craft beer for over 20 years. He has developed a reputation as an innovator helping to revolutionize Canadian beer. Gershkovitch is seen as an unconventional businessman. He continues to have the calm, casual, humble demeanor of a working-class man, even as he has built a very lucrative craft beer empire.

However, the former attorney is a shrewd businessman whose casual appearance masks a sharp, analytical mind. A master of the craft beer business, Eli Gershkovitch has gradually grown his craft beer empire to meet the demands of his diverse customer base (Crunchbase). Innovation and improvement is the focus of Gershkovitch’s business model. He believes companies that are stagnant are quickly surpassed by their competition.


Eli Gershkovitch became interested in brewing craft beer after touring several breweries in Europe in the 1980s. Since then, he’s been on a mission to create the world’s best craft beer. And if the growing demand is any indication, he may have already succeeded in doing just that. Eli Gershkovitch started with a micro-brewery in Gastown, Vancouver in 1995, built to meet the demand in his small beer pub. Today he supplies craft beer for customers throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


By combining high quality, low price and growing quantity, the craft beer produced by Eli Gershkovitch and his Steamworks Brewery has stood the test of time and become a rousing success. Today his original pub is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike and Gershkovitch also owns several restaurants and bars in Vancouver.

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Glen Wakeman:Successfully Building And Developing Businesses For 25 Years

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company develops innovative software that provides early-stage entrepreneurs with online business planning services. Over the past two decades, Wakeman has also become internationally known and well respected as a very successful business executive, investor, entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He regularly shares his valuable insight on business strategy, management and administration, emerging markets and international fiscal matters through widely read blog posts.


A 1981, University of Scranton graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, Glen Wakeman also attended the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA in Finance ( He began his professional career at GE Capital. During his time there, the board of directors recognized him for his exemplary Growth Leadership and held him up as a role model. Wakeman also founded and ran Nova Four.

During a business career that is approaching 25 years in length, Glen Wakeman is credited with having revolutionized a number of businesses. He has also helped to guide, teach and develop over 17,000 employees and generate more than $15 billion in assets. Wakeman has experience working with start-ups, new market entry, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and exponential growth. He is known for his expertise and experience in applying proven methodology and using his vast knowledge of leadership, execution, governance, risk management and human capital to help develop staff and companies and make them successful (Inspirery).


Drawing on his education and experience, Glen Wakeman has successfully mentored many C-level executives. Currently, he helps Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees by providing counsel to them. Glen Wakeman is passionate about executive development, growth, and innovation. He has lived in at least six different countries and has been responsible for running operations in 30 different regions of the world. Throughout his executive career, Glen Wakeman has received international recognition for the quality of his work. He drew on that experience to co-found LaunchPad Holdings in 2015.