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How Did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Catch Amazon?

Amazon has been cruising along at the top of the fashion e-commerce market for many years. Year after year, Amazon is making 20 percent of all the sales in this very competitive market, despite there being several thousand other clothing companies all trying to make their way and get to the top. With so many companies fighting for that same customer, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has emerged as a serious contender for Amazon. In a little over three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million in women’s workout clothing and active-wear.


With so many competing to get those same apparel dollars, what makes this athleisure brand stand out from the rest. If you listen to Hudson, it has less to do with the high-quality of the apparel and more to do with reverse showrooming and unique membership perks. These are definitely not new sales techniques, so seeing them in action is the best way to really get an understanding as to why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has exploded ahead of so many other competitors. Inside the Fabletics store at the mall, we see women trying on every piece of active-wear in the store without any pressure from the store associates that they need to make a purchase. These shoppers can try on all the clothing window-shop, take the lifestyle quiz, it is more of a shopping experience.


What is the key to the formula, those items you try on in the store get uploaded to your membership account. Now when these same shoppers hit the Fabletics e-commerce store, those leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants, are all waiting in the cart so you can continue shopping wherever you left off at the mall. The inventory is bigger online, so without the concern of sizing issues, these shoppers are piling all those pieces of active-wear into the carts.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to dominate the fashion e-commerce market, and with other membership perks like free shipping, discounted workout apparel pricing, and even help from a personal shopping assistant, it is easy to see why Amazon may have company at the top in the near future. This is more of a unique shopping experience that really is resonating with the customers. In only a few short years, these shoppers have all been turned into loyal Kate Hudson’s Fabletics long-term customers who come back month after month to keep buying merchandise.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Poised to Topple the Amazon Giant

Amazon has been comfortable sitting on top of the e-commerce fashion world for years, and with a 20 percent chunk of the apparel pie, they think they have nothing to worry about. Off in the distance there is an active-wear company that is beginning to grow at a record pace, and it Amazon is not careful, this company could dominate the space in record time. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is that company, and record sales of $250 million in three years is quite an accomplishment considering who they are up against.


Hudson recently discussed how her company has been able to dominate a difficult niche in short order, and she simply credits the success to her unique membership platform and reverse-showrooming. This is something no other fashion company has attempted, but Hudson’s company is making the most of this unique strategy and women are simply loving it. To understand how the process works, we start with the Fabletics retail stores in the mall. Here is where women come in and sign-up for a free membership or take the Lifestyle Quiz to unlock member benefits unlike any other fashion site. Shoppers try on clothing and it is saved to their online profiles to consider later, and most women do just that.


How is Hudson making money is shoppers leave and shop online after they were already in the store?


Most women have hectic lives, and window-shopping has to be done on breaks or in between errands. Once home that night, they now see all the items that were perfect for them, and they can buy or add more similar items to the cart. Knowing what size is flattering means the guess-work is eliminated from the buying process. Not only is Hudson’s athleisure brand high-quality, members enjoy super low-pricing and even free shipping. Unlike shopping at Amazon where you aren’t sure about whether a new style will fit or not, at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you can try everything on in the stores and get your size down to a tee.


The benefits keep on coming for those who took the Lifestyle Quiz, as you are assigned a personal shopper who will select a new item each month they thing will go perfect with your prior purchases. Keep the item, reject it, or buy something else, Hudson says there is no pressure to buy at her company, and it has resulted in women lining up to grab more of this athleisure brand than she ever dreamed possible.

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One Woman’s Journey with Wen by Chaz

For those who haven’t heard of Wen by Chaz, get ready to be intrigued. The product line has been out for years, known for its commercials where the cleansing conditioner transforms women’s hair from dry, fried strands into gorgeous bouncing locks that seem to drip with shine. Founder Chaz Dean’s hair is an absolute picture of glowing health and I must admit, I would trade my lion’s mane of hair for his smooth hair.

While the Wen hair line is quite expansive, it is known best on Twitter for the revolutionary cleansing conditioner. This is one simple jar of product that is touted as a 5-in-1 system. The Sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner is able to add deep moisture to your hair while simultaneously gently cleansing it with no harsh chemicals or sulfates. It is known to be able to replace your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler and even your deep conditioner! It also doesn’t hurt that the products smell absolutely delicious! recently showcased one of their writers’ experiences when she tried out Wen by Chaz for 7 days. The article was fascinating and the writer mentioned in several places she struggles with very fine hair. While I have the opposite problem of extremely thick hair, her journey still intrigued me. While she went through the inevitable ups and downs of using a new product (especially on fine hair which can be extra sensitive), her overall recommendation was that it was a great product for people that wanted to take the time to have truly gorgeous, healthy, nourished hair.

The writer’s actual 7-day journey can be read here on

She provides an excellent, highly detailed recap. She also posts photos along with each day, which I found very helpful and to make her review a little more tangible as to what her hair naturally looked like.

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Fabletics Growing In Customers

The Fabletics company is Kate Hudson’s creation. She wanted to create a clothing line that is practical and economical for women. She did so, and she has received quite a response. Women love her clothing designs, and she is creating more and more for their use. She is always listening to what they want, and makes clothing that they can use for casual attire and workouts, but still look great in the pieces. They can where them anywhere, to the store or for a walk.


When women subscribe to Kate Hudson’s company online, they can put information in about their likes and dislikes. This is extremely beneficial because if they join Kate’s club, they will receive clothing items in the mail on a monthly basis that they can choose to purchase or send back. It saves them time and money on their shopping patterns. She has over a million subscribers already, and this helps her to direct her online marketing plans in an effective way.


She uses reverse showroom techniques where her physical stores are kept minimally stocked with clothing items that will sell in a particular area. She has several physical stores open already, and in the next year plans are being made to open at least three more. Her sales are generated online, but the physical stores also are great in certain locations for added business.


Her business has received very positive reviews from women that buy her clothing line. They also like the idea of the club because they know that in the mail they will receive something that they will like that Kate Hudson has designed. It all adds up to a tremendous amount of business on Kate’s behalf, and she is more than pleased to see how well her company has done in the short time it has been around.


In the future, the Fabletics company should do extremely well. As more and more women find out about the clothing items that Kate Hudson creates, the better business will be for Kate Hudson. She will continue to attract a customer base that looks at price and functionality, which she is extremely adept at pinpointing with her customers.