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Squaw Valley Statement

Squaw Valley issues an extended statement responding to this week’s news of E.coli and coliform bacteria detected in their drinking water in the upper mountain area in Squaw Valley.

On 8th November a political health issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Ever since this initial report, the water was repeatedly treated and continues to show signs of improvement. During this event on, all restaurants on the upper mountain remained closed although there were no reports on serious health issues common to these bacteria.

Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Liesl Kenny issued a full statement on to the Sun regarding the matter on Wednesday, November 30th at 8:07 p.m. In the declaration, Liesl gives the facts concerning the current water quality in the upper mountain, Squaw Valley.

The situation was a result of water contamination that occurred due to the summer installation of an upgraded water system at High Camp and Gold Coast. The unusually heavy rains experienced in October led to this move. The rain and the storms affected many water systems in Placer County and at Squaw Valley. Other systems in the area remained free from contamination and only High Camp and Gold Coast water system was affected. He states further that no contaminated water got access to the public.

Other leading water experts contacted, ensured that steps had been taken to manage the issue. They will also continue to do so until the problem is solved completely and the water levels recede to normality. During this time water usage at High Camp and Gold Coast will be inactive until an assurance of it safety is received from the health officials and water experts at

Liesl finished by assuring the customers at the resort of their safety. He made it clear that the issue is not out of control and that they would resolve it soon enough. The guests at Gold Coast and High Camp will enjoy full access to the resort’s facilities together with free bottled water for drinking.