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Taking Local Talent Nationwide with Brown Modelling Agency

What happens when you combine two of the largest talent agencies in central Texas? If you’re a modeling talent seeking someone to represent you or a newcomer looking to break into the industry, it can only mean good things! When companies combine, the new entities they create can be greater than the sum of their parts; nowhere is this more evident than the founding of Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Modelling Agency was born in August 2015 from the acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Brown, a merger helmed by President of Brown Modelling Agency, Justin Brown. Brown called the merger a key part of Wilhelmina Austin’s growth strategy and commitment to its city and audience.


“Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent,” said Brown. “We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”


Since its inception, Brown Agency has continued to lead its talent to greatness. They have brought Austin talent to brands like Luis Vutton, Loreal, Dell and Toyota as well as thousands of other well-regarded brands and corporations. Brown models have participated in the world-famous New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and many other showings.


Justin Brown himself has a long history in the fashion industry, stretching back to his first experiences paying for college working as a ‘fit model’.

“Lucky Brand would design clothes to fit my body type,” he said. “I’d model what we call ‘skinny jeans,’ but back then they were called ‘rocker jeans.’ I made $100 an hour. That’s a lot better than the $6 an hour I made at the golf course washing carts.”


Although Brown was a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera, he was more interested in applying his business management skills to the work behind it. He went on to work in talent development and placement before founding JB Models and Talent in 2008, which was licensed by Wilhelmina only two years later. Although Brown’s experience working in markets like Los Angeles and New York City certainly aided him in his work, he acknowledges that the industry in Texas can be quite different.


“Austin is very proud,” he said. “We do things our own way. What I was trying to do is take it to a big-market level.”


According to Market Wired, the success Brown Modelling Agency has seen in Austin speaks to the value of this strategy from President Justin Brown. He sees this success as the beginning, and points to the vibrant growth and community in Austin as a driver of Brown Modelling Agency’s ongoing success.


“This is the exciting part of being in Austin now, especially with this last business acquisition,” said Brown. “Austin is taking off. People are now doing national campaigns from here. The days of runway shows in bars are over. We’re moving in the right direction. We hire local and look national.”


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