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Saygus Gives NewsWatch TV A Glowing Review

The video is one of the many NewsWatch TV reviews featured on the testimonials page of their website and is a very favourable testimonial of working with NewsWatch by Tim Rush who works for Saygus in Marketing & PR. Saygus are an American smartphone manufacturer and worked with NewsWatch to help promote and market their new line of smartphones.

Mr Rush states that the video NewsWatch put together for Saygus was very professional and that the company were able to get the right message across at the right time, in the right way using the right medium. He concludes his testimonial saying that he would highly recommend NewsWatch as a professional and competent agency that understands exactly what they as a brand want to say and what their target audience want to hear.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a show that follows an entertainment, consume and technology format. It normally features mobile app news, sponsored and editorial consumer electronic reviews, celebrity interviews, consumer news, public service announcements and breaking government and/or medical news.

It began airing in March 1990 and was originally a monthly program that focused on financial issues. Over the course of the 90’s though, it expanded to include a wider range of topics that would appeal to the general public and became more of a magazine-style program.

As companies can market and promote their brand, segments on the show are either paid for or editorial. These segments are introduced by one of the presenters – Michelle Ison, Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges. There have been a range of celebrity appearances on the show between 2010 and 2017 including Carrie Underwood, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

As well as the syndicated program, NewsWatch also has an extensive social media presence that includes Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube accounts; as well as the official NewsWatch blog.

Protect Yourself With Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security is one of the first things that you need to look at to protect yourself in this day and age. Physical security is becoming less and less important when compared to the repercussions that hacking and cyber attacks can be to your daily life. Cyber attacks can disrupt your personal life, bring businesses to their knees, and send financial transactions to a screeching halt.


I was once hacked. My computer had been infected with what is commonly known as a “CryptoLocker” virus. This is a virus that is widespread and devastating to any form of data. I had no personal cyber security, which was a tragic mistake. The virus quickly executed an attack on my home network, racing to encrypt all of my data and convert it into something that was utterly unusable. The end result was that all of my files had been encrypted, meaning that they had been locked behind a special code that would take an eternity to guess. All of my personal documents, family pictures, and important files related to my business were lost in an instant. This virus would then prompt for a ransom, asking for me to send money through a shady payment service. This is a cautionary tale. I was lucky enough to have most of my important files backed up. This is what happens if you do not have some form of personal cyber security¬†(


There are ways to protect yourself, however, and it is vital that you secure your data as soon as possible. The best way to counteract attacks like this is to use a personal cyber security system, such as Rubica. Rubica uses real-time analysis to monitor data and neutralizes threats based off behavioral patterns. All data to and from your devices, go through a secure network, keeping your data private and secure. Lastly, they use human-assisted machine learning which combines the best of human intellect and machine’s capability to learn, all harnessed to keep you and your family’s data safe.

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