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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is The Leader Because of Systems and People

Companies become leaders in their chosen field because they do certain things the right way. They do not reach the pinnacle of success by accident. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is at the top of their game because they practice what they preach.


In a recent industry-wide podcast, John Hillman, CEO of National stated that many in the industry talk a lot about the lack of compliance, but the solution starts with each company. Objectives should be set at high levels and then be publically met to provide accountability.


Nationwide is one of the leaders in the document and verification industry that serves lenders and mortgage companies who are vital in the processing of mortgage loans. Eight out of the top ten mortgage and banking retail companies in America use Nationwide as their primary outlet for document processing. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida and established in 1991, Nationwide is the world’s largest processor of abstracts, lien and tax documents, and titles that are used for verification of property ownership and statistics. When you apply for a mortgage, these are the documents needed to verify that the property is unencumbered.


Nationwide currently enjoys a 99.8% compliance rate and a reject rate of less than 1% when finding these important papers. Nationwide has access to all of the counties in the United States where the lion’s share of the document records is located. Even though most of these records are available electronically, there are many records that are still in paper form and are stored in a manilla folder in a steel file cabinet.


The fact that Nationwide makes use of a very sophisticated system of technology which eliminates much of the human element which can frequently result in serious errors. Technology also creates speed and storage capabilities which make information immediately available at any time the recipient wishes.


One of the most compelling reasons that Nationwide has enjoyed such outstanding results is because of its incredible employee base. People who are hired properly in the beginning usually turn out to be the long-term people who can be counted on in any situation.


The training program at Nationwide is second to none, and not only covers initial training for new people but long-term college-level training courses for advancement withing the company and for cross-training purposes.


It is not likely that National Title Clearing, Inc. will slow down anytime soon. Its robust effort is not going to slow down or change, practically guaranteeing a high level of success for the future.