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Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson helping the world reconnect with nature

Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson lives the life many would love to have, his life is solely dedicated to the wild, he rides horses, fly-fishes, musters sheep and crawls into wombat holes in his home country of Australia. His passion for the wild began when he finished school and spent a year camping and fishing in the far North of Australia. He even traveled the length of Africa by car, when he was the age of 19.


Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson launched his adventure company “Untamed” which turned into an ecotourism and training business Avana. Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson sold Avana in 2013, but unfortunately collapsed and failed. In 2015, Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson left everything to continue his love for wildlife, wild places and began to pursue his dream of reconnecting people with nature through his new company “WildArk.


Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson grew up in the Queensland, Victoria area, which is near New South Wales. When he was eight he resettled with his family in Sydney. Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson says he can recall spending most of his life on friends’ farms and loved the draw of the Outback and wide open spaces. Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson earned an Economics degree at the University in Sydney, which he used to launch his personal training company. Learn more:


Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson used UNTAMED, to connect people with nature’s furthest outposts. He wanted to connect people who had lost any real connection with nature. He ended up hosting groups from different lodges across Australia and ended up working as a fly-fishing guide or a safari guide. Learn more:


Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson is passionate about protecting mother nature, which led him to start Wild Ark, which aims to buy, protect and restore biodiversity land and build sustainable businesses on that land. Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson is currently working on a Masters in Conservation. Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson continues to reconnect with nature and help those rediscover the wild. Learn more: