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Nathaniel Ru Spreads Health With Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is an up-and-coming new salad chain. All its ingredients are fresh, healthy, organic, and locally sourced. Due to its customer services and high values, Sweetgreen as rapidly grown in popularity and is making a name for itself in the food industry. They currently have 40 locations open and there are plans to expand more in the future. The company is backed by Steve Case, Daniel Boulad, and Danny Meyers. They are all impressive and well-known investors that have taken a keen interest in the ability of Sweetgreen to continue growing in success. Learn more:


The company is run by three co-foundeers including Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They friends met in college and that is where they came up with the revolutionary idea to open their own salad restaurant. They noticed that there was an alarming lack of healthy food in Georgetown. It was the perfect place to build an affordable yet healthy salad bar. They are first-generation immigrants and the children of business owners. Their parents funded them and they were able to open their first restaurant in 2007, right after they graduated from college. By 2014, they had achieved so much success that they were already doing interviews with Fortune. They knew they were going to be a success a company when their restaurant continued thriving during the winter break when all the students had gone home to their families. If Nathaniel Ru could go back, he would read more books. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru had trouble releasing some of his responsibilities to other employees when Sweetgreen was just a small baby. He learned that the best thing to do is create a team and assign everyone a different task. Without that, they never would have gotten anything done efficiently. He admires Kevin Plank, Under Armour CEO, for standing for something bigger than himself. His favorite food is the Northern Thai food from Johnny Monis’ Little Serow in DC. That is excluding salad from Sweetgreen, of course. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru has investments in MeUndies, Bond Street, LOLA, and EatPops. These are all personal investments that he is able to afford because he is so successful in his salad business. Nathaniel graduated from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in 2007. He earned a BS in Finance while he was there. That educational background serves as the foundation for his success in entrepreneurship and his talent for building a technology based company like Sweetgreen.

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