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What Do Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Do?

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has done a lot of exceptional work running Wealth Solutions. Those who require money management and investment advice often look towards established professionals for assistance. Wealth Solutions, pardon the pun, is home to a wealth of such assistance.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions are based out of Austin, TX and collectively have been providing advice to a large number of clients in the region. The firm is listed as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and Blair maintains several professional certifications.

What makes Wealth Solutions such an interesting firm is that the entity adheres to a “three pillar approach” to helping clients. This does not mean the firm handles every client in the same manner. Different clients do require individualized and unique approaches to handle their needs. The commitment to the three pillar approach ensures certain standards are met when taking on new clients. As such, all clients gain an understanding of what to expect when signing on with Wealth Solutions for investment assistance.

The third deals with insurance. Without insurance, a person’s financial well-being and assets can be at risk. Family members may also suffer risks without insurance policies in place.

Richard Blair has a tremendous amount of experience in this type of work. He founded Wealth Solutions in the mid-1990’s and has worked with an incredible number of clients. His writings warning about the pitfalls of renting a home out on an “AirBNB basis” shows his insights regarding protecting clients from risk.

The mere fact the “three pillars” strategy has been devised should capture the attention of those in Austin and elsewhere wondering about investment advice. The proactive approach to addressing client concerns shows this firm is very much interested in tackling all the many areas of importance for a client.

Investment and insurance advice is necessary for many hoping to arrive at a proper decision about personal finances and their direction. Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair hope to support those looking for a reliable and sound direction.