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How The Traveling Vineyard Is Of Benefit To Wine Lovers

France is regarded as one of the world’s foremost wine producing countries. Its climate and soil is optimally balanced and thus supports the growing of grapes. Wine making is similarly part of the French culture. The country boasts legendary wine routes, which wind through the production regions. These routes attract thousands of visitors each year.

Champagne is one of the most exclusive wine growing regions in France. This route is popular with visitors since it does not require a lot of rural driving. Notable winemakers in this region include Champagne Fallet Dart, Champagne Aspasie, and Champagne Tribaut. Alsace wine route is also popular because it offers visitors picturesque views of vast vineyards. Winemakers in this route are known to be friendly with visitors. Those visiting this region can also schedule tours of the vineyards that are located along the route.

Burgundy is another popular wine route, which stretches from Lyon to Rhone. It covers five different territories. The Traveling Vineyard encourages those going through this route to follow the N74 highway since it offers fantastic views. Bordeaux is located in Southwest France. This wine producing region is renowned for its 6 distinct wine routes that offer visitors access to idyllic wineries, memorable experiences, and exclusive restaurants. Provence is also emerging as a popular wine route. It stretches from Saint-Tropez to Toulon. This region is renowned for organic farming.

The Traveling Vineyard in Brief

Traveling Vineyard that offers wine lovers virtual Traveling routes. It partners wine lovers with local wine guides who offer them exclusive wine tastings for free. This way, they can learn about wines of the world without necessarily Traveling to the wine-producing regions. The Traveling Vineyard similarly gives wine lovers an opportunity to make money by being local guides.

When one signs up to be a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard, he/she will be trained on how to undertake wine tastings, and wine and food pairings. When parties are hosted within the locality, such guides can be called upon to offer expert advice about the most appropriate wines. This way, they earn a living. The Traveling Vineyard offers more than 20 varieties of exclusive wines.

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