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Kim Dao Visits Manza Beach


Kim Dao explores the best beach in Japan in this video with her friends. Kim Dao starts off by enjoying lunch at SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR at Manza Beach. The plated meal looks amazing, and it’s the perfect set up for even more amazing things to come. Manza Beach in Okinawa is stunning with loads of adventurous things to do, as Kim Dao reveals in the video. She and her friends enjoy playful water sports at Manza Beach, as they laugh and splash water on one another. There are several inflatables in the water that allow Kim Dao and her friends to amuse themselves by rocking, sliding, and floating in the water. A ferry then takes Kim Dao and her friends to Kerama Islands. While here Kim Dao enjoys a delicious dish of Okinawa style soba before hitting the water. In a beautiful under water scene Kim Dao and her friends go scuba diving in Kerama Islands.

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