Dean Omar on a Complex Case


A Washington jury awarded 81.5 million dollars to a former user of Napa-brand products. The award to the family of 67-year-old Doy Coogan came after a 12-week trial in court. The jury found that Wood was exposed to asbestos while working on cars and trucks using Napa-brand parts and that the company knew or should have known of the health risks associated with the products. The family’s lawyer, Dean Omar, said Napa-brand parts were a common source of asbestos exposure for mechanics and that the company should have done more to warn workers about the dangers. The verdict, returned on Monday in the court, found that Doy Coogan’s death was caused by asbestos exposure from Napa-brand brake pads and linings that he used for years as a mechanic, according to a statement by Dean Omar & Branham LLP, counsel for Gerri Coogan. Coogan passed away seven years ago in 2015 when he was only 67 years old. A death that was inflicted by exposure to asbestos. 

Dean Omar had insisted that Mr Coogan’s death resulted from this exposure, and he had no idea that the asbestos-containing products from Napa were making him sick. “These companies continue to sell these products to unsuspecting consumers and workers, putting them at risk for serious, often deadly, illnesses. We’re going to hold these companies accountable for their actions and make sure they pay for the harm they’ve caused.” A statement echoed by Dean Omar. Even though the trial took more than three months, the jury concluded within five hours. 

The trial was the first of its kind, and it may have set a precedent for other asbestos cases.