Desiree Perez Success Journey

Appearing in the annual Billboard Women in Music is a dream come true for every musician in the world. The Billboard features extemporal talent and musicians will exceptional skills within the music industry. The Billboard recognition awards top musician, top music directors, executives, and powerful feminine vocals that appear behind the scenes. The 2019 Billboard announcement featured Desiree Perez, Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer.

The Billboard Women in Music event honored Perez as a successful music executive. Roc Nation made a press release later announcing her as the new Chief Executive Officer to emphasize this recognition. She was the company’s COO for ten years. Her predecessor Jay Brown assumed the role of secretary to the company’s board of directors. The Billboard appearance has transformed Desiree Perez musical executive career, placing her at the forefront in developing musical growth and other company aspects at Roc Nation and more

Besides music, Roc Nation handles apparel, film, television projects, overall company branding, publishing, touring, and talent management. The company has created a long-term business partnership with philanthropic organizations like the Cara Lionel Foundation, REFORM Alliance, Team Roc, RC24 Foundation and the Shawn Carter Foundation. Shawn Carter, with stage name; Jay-Z, founded Roc Nation in 2008. He brought in different companies to make his vision come true and liberate music artists, among other functions. The company, besides dealing with music production, distributes cosmetic products like cologne and cognac.

Perez success in music management is out of hard work. She is a perfect example of working your way up. She was born and raised in the Bronx and later joined music management as a part-time assistant in a local nightclub. She met Jay-Z and DJ Clark Kent in 1996 and would later get hired to manage his 40/40 Club in Manhattan. Jay-Z again recruited her as the Roc Nation COO following her prior leadership abilities on financial data, incredible networks and excellent legal negotiation skills. Desiree Perez has strong leadership acumen that will only see her succeed in the music industry.

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