Frances Townsend is the former Homeland Security Advisor

Frances Townsend is the former Homeland Security Advisor and Assistant to President George W. Bush from 2004-2008. She’s also the author of a new book, securing community cyber security: “The United States Is Not Ready.” Townsend speaks about her expertise in homeland security and technology in the book. She advocates for greater cooperation between government agencies, private industry, and other sectors of society so that all may contribute their talents to strengthen our nation’s cyber security posture. Accordingly, she suggests several policies that the U.S. might implement, not just on a Congress level, but by CEOs of major corporations increasingly reliant on cyberspace for commerce and communication with customers around the globe.

His Achievements

In her book, Townsend describes her experiences in the Bush administration along with the efforts of other federal, state, and local officials. Furthermore, she discusses the progress in implementing this strategy and testing it in real-life situations. Townsend also describes how Townsend can do more to improve cyber security through better cooperation between different agencies and sectors of society at all levels of government. In particular, she emphasizes one-way communication between top policymakers and their staff, who serve as their eyes and ears in dealing with defense matters, as well as the private sector responsible for producing technology that makes cyberspace viable for our daily lives.

Townsend emphasizes the importance of including cyber security in national security issues, prioritizing it similar to terrorism and natural disasters. She calls for an urgent need to enact legislation strengthening our nation’s cyber security posture at both the state and federal levels.

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