Gary McGaghey is Well Prepared to Bring Financial Success to William Lea Tag

CFOs have challenges ahead as they help companies thrive amongst an ever shifting pandemic. Workforces have changed with remote and hybrid employees, supply chain issues, potential changes in taxes, regulatory policy, and cultural shifts that all affect the bottom line of a company’s finances. CFOs must find ways to strategically influence and problem solve to connect a company’s purpose to action for stable outcomes. By incorporating both fiscal and business strategies, CFOs can set their companies up for innovation and successful growth.

CFOs such as Gary McGaghey, private equities expert at Williams Lea Tag, are prepared to lead their companies in financial growth. CFOs can help their employees experience purpose and transparency in their workplace, giving employees what they both need and want, fostering a culture of trust. Additionally, it will be important for CFOs to invest in digital transformation in areas such as cloud and analytics, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, and digital currencies. Reporting and transparency in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies are another area of focus for CFOs as they report their company’s impact, with initiatives in diversity, inclusion, pay equity, and social mobility. CFOs must also be proactively prepared for different tax scenarios and policies. By looking forward, CFOs can navigate the climate of the pandemic by reshaping their business and strengthening their portfolios to create transformation and successful growth.

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Gary McGaghey’s role as CFO of William Lea Tag is crucial to the success of this €1.3 billion company. He believes in the importance of communication and collaboration with his team, creating a strong and inspirational plan for reaching goals amongst a variety of scenarios and solutions. He has the ability to make quick decisions and quickly correct mistakes, and then acts on them in a timely manner with confidence.

Gary McGaghey’s commitment to entrepreneurship is the foundation of his success. He is well prepared to address the challenges the pandemic has brought to the business industry. Understanding and implementing strategies for today’s business culture will ultimately bring financial success to William Lea Tag.