How Andrew Frame And Citizen Are Changing The Face Of Public Safety

Andrew Frame was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating from college, he started his career at Cisco Systems, where he worked on the development of large-scale data center solutions. Andrew decided to start his own company. He was inspired by a problem that he had experienced firsthand: it can be challenging to get in touch with emergency services when you need them.

With Citizen App, Andrew and his team are changing the way that we all think about public safety. Citizen App is the first app to combine location information with 911 intelligence, making it easier than ever for people to get help when they need it. With the Citizen App, you can easily see whether or not emergency services are close by, and you can quickly contact 911 if you need help. The app also provides up-to-date information about emergencies happening in your area.

Citizen App has already been used to help save lives in emergency situations all over the world. In one case, a woman was being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, and she was able to use Citizen App to send an alert to the police. Within minutes, they were able to arrest him. Hospitals and EMTs also use the Citizen app to help speed up response times for medical emergencies.

Andrew Frame’s creation of the Citizen App is mission oriented, and its success rides on the fundamental belief that technology can improve people’s lives. He was named as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine. Citizen App has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other leading publications.

Andrew Frame surrounds himself with a strategic and intelligent thinking team. The team’s skills and abilities are a good match for the company’s goals. They have a shared vision of how technology can make a difference in people’s lives. See related link for more information.


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