How Has Cloud Inventory Improved Productivity Through The Supply Chain Processes?

The inventory management technology provided by DSI has improved productivity from all inventory sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing, and field inventory. With the new DSI’s provision, Cloud Inventory, manufacturers and companies will automatically track their inventory visibility from all supply chain points in real-time.

As a cloud-based technology solution, Cloud Inventory provides manufacturers and distributors the ability to improve productivity, revenue generation, compliance, and inventory optimization. Since the future warehouse has no walls, Cloud Inventory makes it possible to track assets, Jobsite supplies and consignment, tools, and inventory in real-time with or without connectivity within and outside the warehouse.

Also, the cloud-based technology delivers information on the state, authenticity, and location of inventory at every stage and point in the supply chain, from processing raw materials to finished goods from the warehouse to the field. With a flexible, low code design, this cloud-based solution makes it easy for customers to understand and adapt to various processes within the supply chain technology.

In addition, it improves the customers’ expectations and needs through monitoring the supply chain performance via a mobile monitor dashboard. With this new Cloud Inventory technology, there will be further vital improvements in the supply chain performance by eliminating supply chain disruptions and the lack of inventory control and visibility.

According to Mark Goode, CEO at DSI, this new cloud-based solution has also helped companies and businesses globally manage their inventory resulting in increased optimization and control in the supply chain processes. There are currently more than 3000 customers globally benefitting from this new cloud-based technology through multiple industries, including construction and engineering, oil and energy, medical devices, manufacturing and distribution, and food and beverage.

Due to its significant importance in supply chain processes and inventory management, It is an SAP certification due to its robust supply chain technology and its ability to provide a product that can quickly run through integration. See related link for more information.


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