How Krishen Iyer Turned Dreams into Reality

MBS is a licensed insurance agency and marketing firm that assembles leads of potential customers for clients. The full name, Managed Benefit Services, was founded by Krishen Iyer. A California native, grew up in Fresno before attending San Diego State University. 


Krishen Iyer has maintained a long-standing interest in maximizing business’ value. After graduating from college, he established Name my Premium Insurance (NMP for short). The insurance company’s massive success inspired Krishen Iyer to converge his attention to identify and assemble the necessary resources for companies to reach their goals. 


Soon after, serial entrepreneur Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefit Services (MBS). MBS offers tools in marketing, contracting, and networking so clients can increase sales success. While overseeing Managed Benefit Services consulting firm, much of the work was concentrated on health insurance, though the company did work with other subfields. 


Seeking to explore other opportunities in the insurance distribution area, Iyer made the decision to sell MBS. Krishen Iyer is currently the founder and CEO of MAIS Consulting, a continuation of utilizing quality analytical processes to implement strategic firm growth (Econotimes). 

Sticking to his west coast roots, MAIS Consulting Firm was formed in Encinitas, California and has provided the space to expand accessibility to his work. His vision is not to simply inflate profits, but help find solutions for companies to reach their full potential. Other committed interests of Krishen Iyer include creating a positive change in the community through philanthropy. Make-A-Wish remains one of his favorite foundations to work with because of their dedication to empower individuals and strengthen hope.