IM Academy Dissects Its Course Content Into Four Modules To Efficiently Impact Forex Enthusiasts

For close to eight years, IM Academy has been in the limelight as the best institution that offers Forex trading training in the world. The academy offers much-needed training in 13 multiple dialects across different time zones. This has resulted in the academy gaining a global reputation. For the academy to effectively and efficiently impact the forex enthusiasts, it has divided the course content into four academies. Each academy comprises prerecorded videos and unlimited interactive sessions with IM Educators dubbed goLive sessions. The academy offers covetable training on a subscription model.

One of the academies constituted by IM Academy is called DCX Academy. Students at this academy are taught digital currency exchange and also the DCX trading basics. The course content comprises digital currency introduction, various categories of digital currencies, various trading categories that are executed with digital currencies as well as the blockchain, valuation, various news regarding digital currency, and market volatility. In this academy students are expected to learn using 25 pre-recorded informative videos each with a quiz at the end to test the general understating of the student. Additionally, the academy provides the students with unlimited sessions with IM Educators who are experienced in DCX.

ECX academy is another module in IM Academy. This module lays key emphasis on e-commerce and students are taught how to manage and build lucrative online businesses. The course content includes a general introduction to the magnificent e-commerce, the outs, and ins of purchasing online, the basics regarding the various categories of marketplace options, and the skills necessary to set up an online business.

Additionally, the course content covers payment processing, online advertising, and marketing, online products that are trending, and providing satisfying and efficient customer service for online consumers. they teach the students using 450 pre-recorded informative videos with a quiz at the end of each video. Refer to this page for more information.


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