Jason Hope is Optimistic of the Future use of Stem Cell Regeneration in the Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

The use of stem cell regeneration in medicine has been praised by many for its ability to cure certain diseases. However, there are groups that have protested the use of stem cells due to the lack of enough research. Jason Hope notes that the issue around stem cells will be a topic that will be around for quite a while as organizations and startups are constantly investing in stem cell-related projects. 


Several years ago, scientists were able to extract embryonic stem cells and were able to grow the parent cells allowing for the growth of new cells in the body. This then led to the development of treatments for heart disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Jason Hope notes that the success of regenerative cells could lead to a solution for age-related conditions (Yelp). 


Jason Hope


Jason, an expert in the field of longevity, highlights that despite the initial success of stem cell regeneration, there is a need for extensive research to help scientists explore the many benefits stem cell regeneration could bring in the field of medicine. The general public may develop distrust among stem cell research companies that promote faulty treatments to make money for themselves. Jason Hope has provided support to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence to help them conduct ample research.

Their research focuses on how to prevent degenerative diseases from affecting individuals, thus improving their quality of life. Jason Hope notes that treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is at its second stage and notes that it is important for the company to take the process slowly. This, so that they can come up with a safe treatment procedure for Parkinson’s Disease. According to Jason Hope, this will go a long way in maintaining public support. Jason Hope highlights the integration of technology in medicine will go a long way to spearhead the various research revolving around stem cells. Currently, Jason Hope invests in startups and grant programs for small businesses.