Larry Baer’s Incredible Performance As SF Giants CEO

A visionary, Larry Baer has a lot of drive and is always dedicated to see organizations he serves soar to greater heights.

Currently, he serves as SF Giants CEO, a position he has held since 2012. Prior to joining the major league baseball club, Larry worked in the media industry for CBS Inc. and Westinghouse Broadcasting. A UC Berkeley and Harvard graduate, The Giants CEO’s exceptional performance was also evident in academics.

The CEO’s success at the helm began during his first year, a feat not achieved by many. SF Giants managed to win another title in three years under Larry’s tutelage and have since bagged trophy after trophy in the subsequent years.

During his tenure, the acclaimed CEO has also seen the Oracle Park come up, warmly regarded by the club’s fandom as the top-notch ballpark. The SF Giants CEO has had his impact felt throughout the league as well. Larry has served at many Major League Baseball boards and has chaired several committees, which has seen him receive a number of accolades.

The CEO also serves as chairman of Giants Development Services. This is the part of the company overseeing the construction of a modern neighborhood just across Oracle Park. The project is meant to see to it that, key amenities such as restaurants and office spaces are available to future residents. Baer is indeed keen to see that the company’s upward trajectory is unwavering.

A strict morning routine has differentiated the acclaimed CEO from his peers. A workout session prior to taking breakfast and going through the dailies keep Larry’s mornings well occupied. The CEO believes in eliminating bureaucracies when it comes to idea generation. Larry prefers engaging with his subordinates at a personal level instead of having proposals lying in wait on his desk. See related link for more information.


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