Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: holds a dual degree from Suffolk University in Boston

On February 22, 1980, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and holds a dual degree from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, in marketing management and economy with a focus on global commerce and the material field. Alejandro Betancourt has diverse shares and interests in various companies and industries, including retail, banking, etc., and founded O’Hare administration, an asset management company. He started in executive positions at multiple businesses, including the portfolio manager Guruceaga Holding.

Hawkers were founded by David Moreno, Pablo Sanchez, and IƱaki Soriano with an initial capital of $300. The company then caught the attention of angel investor Alejandro Betancourt in 2016, leading to a significant funding round worth approximately 8 million dollars to join other app entrepreneurs joining the company. In 2018, David increased his investment in Hawkers, making him the majority shareholder with about 50% of the enterprise. Betancourt has consistently extolled the virtues of using media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for promoting because they have a broader potential audience.

Betancourt is the president of Hawkers and has brought a new CEO on board to run the operation. The new CEO, Nacho Puig, is a strategic and planning expert in charge of the company’s operations and leading them into the future. Betancourt is also a significant shareholder, and he mainly operates in Brazilian oil fields, as well as Colombia, Peru, Guyana, Peru, Guatemala, Belize, and around Dakar. He also has banking interests with shareholdings in two banks: BDK group and Job Talent Incorporated, which have partnered with their respective banks.

Alejandro Betancourt is a philanthropist and has helped improve education in Bolivar by giving out free learning kits, expanding infrastructure, and contributing to developing sporting facilities. The company could break into Asian and European markets by fostering consumer ties and maintaining brand integrity. This technique allowed the company to enter those international markets.