Taking Local Talent Nationwide with Brown Modelling Agency

What happens when you combine two of the largest talent agencies in central Texas? If you’re a modeling talent seeking someone to represent you or a newcomer looking to break into the industry, it can only mean good things! When companies combine, the new entities they create can be greater than the sum of their parts; nowhere is this more evident than the founding of Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Modelling Agency was born in August 2015 from the acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Brown, a merger helmed by President of Brown Modelling Agency, Justin Brown. Brown called the merger a key part of Wilhelmina Austin’s growth strategy and commitment to its city and audience.


“Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent,” said Brown. “We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”


Since its inception, Brown Agency has continued to lead its talent to greatness. They have brought Austin talent to brands like Luis Vutton, Loreal, Dell and Toyota as well as thousands of other well-regarded brands and corporations. Brown models have participated in the world-famous New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and many other showings.


Justin Brown himself has a long history in the fashion industry, stretching back to his first experiences paying for college working as a ‘fit model’.

“Lucky Brand would design clothes to fit my body type,” he said. “I’d model what we call ‘skinny jeans,’ but back then they were called ‘rocker jeans.’ I made $100 an hour. That’s a lot better than the $6 an hour I made at the golf course washing carts.”


Although Brown was a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera, he was more interested in applying his business management skills to the work behind it. He went on to work in talent development and placement before founding JB Models and Talent in 2008, which was licensed by Wilhelmina only two years later. Although Brown’s experience working in markets like Los Angeles and New York City certainly aided him in his work, he acknowledges that the industry in Texas can be quite different.


“Austin is very proud,” he said. “We do things our own way. What I was trying to do is take it to a big-market level.”


According to Market Wired, the success Brown Modelling Agency has seen in Austin speaks to the value of this strategy from President Justin Brown. He sees this success as the beginning, and points to the vibrant growth and community in Austin as a driver of Brown Modelling Agency’s ongoing success.


“This is the exciting part of being in Austin now, especially with this last business acquisition,” said Brown. “Austin is taking off. People are now doing national campaigns from here. The days of runway shows in bars are over. We’re moving in the right direction. We hire local and look national.”


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Jeremy Goldstein Offering Tips on the Best Employees’ Compensation Methods

Jeremy Goldstein is a famous USA company and business lawyer. He has been on the front line advising corporations on how to treat their employees. Jeremy is law graduate from the University of New York and has over 2 decades in the law industry. He has been on the first lane advising companies on their way forward in terms of providing their employees with better compensation means. The great business lawyer has a law firm in New York City and has represented so many companies in New York. He has also worked with other law firms before founding his firm. Many corporations have trusted him in efforts towards ensuring he saves them from engaging in loss-making benefit schemes.


Jeremy Goldstein effort and commitments have been known by many people and he is doing extremely well. He has been involved in the processing of so many transactions across the globe. He has represented the who is who in the USA. He has also served as a board member of several law-related boards. The companies he has represented in the processing of staff payments are AT&T, Bank One, Verizon, Duke Energy, Merck, and Chevron. Jeremy Goldstein is also a very active and a great contributor to a nonprofit organization called Fountain House. He is, in short, a great philanthropist who has been on the frontline helping people with certain needs. He has been also been recognized for his efforts and commitments in giving back to the community. He has a love for the people with certain needs in the society.


Jeremy Goldstein tried to explain about employees stock options and how knockout options are applied. Many companies have stopped giving out stock options citing that they are saving money. Jeremy thinks that it is not true and he gave his recommendations and solutions pertaining to stock options. Many employees think that the value of these options keeps on fluctuating but he recommends about timing. It will also improve innovations and customer care in the companies since employees would like the company to perform better. They also make employees feel that they are part of the winning team. Jeremy Goldstein is one of those people in the USA with a rare ability. He understands all the employees and human resources related issues. He has been on the front line pushing for better laws governing employees environment. Every company with a desire to grow must always seek Jeremy’s advice.


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Amicus Therapeutics’ Advanced Treatment Solution to Human Genetic Disorders

Today, cases of human genetic illnesses are on the rise. Many individuals are suffering from serious rare and orphan disorders. Amicus Therapeutics, a biotechnological company based in Cranbury, New Jersey is very instrumental in fighting the genetic diseases. The brand is an American public biopharmaceutical corporation and has been on the forefront in the treatment of alarming rare and orphan conditions such as Pompe Disease, Fabry Disease, and Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD).


Amicus Journey


Amicus Therapeutics s products are based on CHART (Chaperon Advanced Replacement Therapy) and ERTs (Enzyme Replacement Therapies). The company was founded in 2002 and is currently led by John Crowley, the CEO, Bradley Campbell, the COO, and William Baird, the CFO. In 2008, Amicus expanded from New Jersey and a new research site was opened in San Diego. This was to facilitate more production and market growth of the brand. In 2010, the organization received money grant worth $210,300 from Alzheimer Drug Foundation to help in the preclinical research in respect to Alzheimer treatment.


In 2013, Amicus Therapeutics procured Callidus Biopharma, a competitor. This gave them the proprietary and intellectual property right for ERT treatment practice against Pompe Disease. In 2015, Amicus also acquired Sciodern for $947 million. Generally, the company has experienced vital strides in its market operations. Their focus to fight devastating genetic illnesses makes them effective in the therapeutic work. They have set the bar high and many people look up to them for effective solutions to rare and orphan conditions.

Product Range


The clinical program products from Amicus Therapeutics include:


  • Amicus lead product known as Migalastat is effective in the treatment of Fabry Disease based on genetic diagnosis.
  • SD-101 is effective in the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare genetic tissue disease.
  • ERT programs for treating Pompe Disease and other LSDs


In addition to the clinical programs, the company is currently doing research on CDKL5 (cycling-dependent kinase-like 5), a gene that affects brain development.




Generally, the clinical treatment products for Fabry Disease, EB, and Pompe Disease are a clear manifestation of the market effectiveness of Amicus Therapeutics in fighting rare and orphan disorders. The company is very instrumental in managing genetic illnesses globally.

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Protect Yourself With Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security is one of the first things that you need to look at to protect yourself in this day and age. Physical security is becoming less and less important when compared to the repercussions that hacking and cyber attacks can be to your daily life. Cyber attacks can disrupt your personal life, bring businesses to their knees, and send financial transactions to a screeching halt.


I was once hacked. My computer had been infected with what is commonly known as a “CryptoLocker” virus. This is a virus that is widespread and devastating to any form of data. I had no personal cyber security, which was a tragic mistake. The virus quickly executed an attack on my home network, racing to encrypt all of my data and convert it into something that was utterly unusable. The end result was that all of my files had been encrypted, meaning that they had been locked behind a special code that would take an eternity to guess. All of my personal documents, family pictures, and important files related to my business were lost in an instant. This virus would then prompt for a ransom, asking for me to send money through a shady payment service. This is a cautionary tale. I was lucky enough to have most of my important files backed up. This is what happens if you do not have some form of personal cyber security (https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/08/how-rubica-helped-me-move-forward-after-i-was-hacked/).


There are ways to protect yourself, however, and it is vital that you secure your data as soon as possible. The best way to counteract attacks like this is to use a personal cyber security system, such as Rubica. Rubica uses real-time analysis to monitor data and neutralizes threats based off behavioral patterns. All data to and from your devices, go through a secure network, keeping your data private and secure. Lastly, they use human-assisted machine learning which combines the best of human intellect and machine’s capability to learn, all harnessed to keep you and your family’s data safe.

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Daily Living With Osteoarthritis

The degenerative joint disease is known as osteoarthritis (OA) comes into existence when the cartilage found at the end of your bone begins to fade away. Whether from overuse of the bone or not the condition gradually gets worse with the reduction of this protective tissue.


What Are The Indicators Of Osteoarthritis?

*A Throbbing Pain In Your Joints

*Limited Range Of Bone Motion

*Bloated and Swollen Appearance Of Area


Your medical history is a key factor in dealing with your treatment so make sure to have that available. They will conduct tests that include X-rays and MRI scans to get a thorough evaluation of your condition.

If you have the above-mentioned symptoms get an examination immediately to confirm if you have osteoarthritis and how severe it is.


What Are Your Next Steps After Being Diagnosed?

Now that you have been found to have osteoarthritis you have to strategize with your doctors and develop a plan of attack for success (GazetteDay). This will be accomplished through a variety of methods and medication that will rely on you.

Treatment Plans Often Include:



*Holistic Options


*Surgery Options


Enter The Osteo Relief Institute

On June 1, 2012, The Osteo Relief Institute opened its doors in New Jersey. Their focus from the beginning has been empowering patients with joint problems and conditions with the latest information, equipment, and treatment methods.


The doctors at the Osteo Relief Institute are informed on state of the art techniques including ancient holistic options for those patients who won’t require surgery. In fact, their main objective is to focus on no time under the knife solutions.


They understand that time down is less income for the arthritis sufferer.

This is one of the reasons the Osteo Relief Institute strives to safely deliver services that end with a short recovery time.

The Osteo Relief Institute understands that communication skills are the most important factor when addressing someone in pain. They are staffed with an empathetic, compassionate, and capable team of dedicated professionals to manifest exemplary patient care.


Despite the fact that over 50 million people in America suffer from some sort of arthritis this disease is still not fully comprehended. There is more to be done, but as you head into the future focus on achieving the highest quality of life.


End Citizens United – Times Of Change

End Citizens United is a movement that started in August 2015, and it aims to change the current political system of the United States. The group tries to be a major player in political campaign finance reform and have funded several Democratic candidates for Senate and House seats for millions. With small donors, the movement has been able to raise more than $2 million so far, a significant margin compared to what the team expected to grow. More than that: According to experts, it is on track to gain $25 to $30 million on this entire cycle.

With fighting corruption as one of its mission, the End Citizens United has acquired the trust and support of many Americans. The movement is looking to pass an amendment to the constitution that could reverse the Supreme Court’s decision called the Citizen United. This decision by the Supreme Court resulted in super PAC’s and unleased a food of underground money in politics, but the biggest damage that this landmark created in the political scene is a rise in corruption and external interests.

End Citizens United has been able to get approximately 325,000 signatures in 2015, in support of this amendment. That number has undoubtedly received a boost, because, since then, the movement has vigorously supported Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The group has partnered with “Ready Hillary” and is looking to reach liberal supporters by renting out its email list to more than four million people.

Why Democrats? It is the usual question that the movement gets and, for them, it is a fair question to answer. According to the group, they are supporting the Democrats because they are with them in the fight against Citizens United and that they believe in the Democrats style of leadership. In addition, Republic congressmen and women are blocking the reversal of the Citizens United decision. By electing pro-reform Democrats like Jon Ossoff, they raise awareness of how broken the political scene has become.

Since the group’s mission is to fight corruption, they advocate transparency in spending and earning, and what better way to promote transparency than to show that you are complying with transparency measures yourself? The group’s motto is, “We practice what we preach.” End Citizens United funding comes from thousands of grassroots supporters from across the nation.

The group aims to fulfill its mission by making the issue of dark money in politics as a national priority, using grassroots support to show political power on the topic of money in politics, supporting Democratic candidates who support campaign reform, and working with ballot measure campaigns in order to pass laws in the states that support reform.

End Citizens United is serious in overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision because for them that decision opened the gates for billionaires and those with special interest spend huge and untraceable money in elections.

Eli Gershkovitch: A Canadian Craft Beer Success Story

Canada has a wide array of quality craft beers. And craft beer brewing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This type of beer appeals to a more diverse range of customers than traditional mass-market beers. Craft beers produced in Ontario, Canada win many medals for quality every year. One Canadian craft beer brewer that has seen his product gain a growing customer base in Canada and internationally is Eli Gershkovitch, CEO and brewmaster of Steamworks Brewery. One of Canada’s most popular craft beer breweries, Steamworks produces a number of top-selling craft beers.


Eli Gershkovitch has been involved in brewing Canadian craft beer for over 20 years. He has developed a reputation as an innovator helping to revolutionize Canadian beer. Gershkovitch is seen as an unconventional businessman. He continues to have the calm, casual, humble demeanor of a working-class man, even as he has built a very lucrative craft beer empire.

However, the former attorney is a shrewd businessman whose casual appearance masks a sharp, analytical mind. A master of the craft beer business, Eli Gershkovitch has gradually grown his craft beer empire to meet the demands of his diverse customer base (Crunchbase). Innovation and improvement is the focus of Gershkovitch’s business model. He believes companies that are stagnant are quickly surpassed by their competition.


Eli Gershkovitch became interested in brewing craft beer after touring several breweries in Europe in the 1980s. Since then, he’s been on a mission to create the world’s best craft beer. And if the growing demand is any indication, he may have already succeeded in doing just that. Eli Gershkovitch started with a micro-brewery in Gastown, Vancouver in 1995, built to meet the demand in his small beer pub. Today he supplies craft beer for customers throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


By combining high quality, low price and growing quantity, the craft beer produced by Eli Gershkovitch and his Steamworks Brewery has stood the test of time and become a rousing success. Today his original pub is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike and Gershkovitch also owns several restaurants and bars in Vancouver.

More at https://www.wingsjournal.com/hes-pilot-lawyer-ceo-steamworks-brewery-eli-gershkovitch

The Great Achievements of Dr. Mark Hotlerman

Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the greatest doctors in Illinois and has over the past years helped many people cope with their health issues. Dr. Mark acquired his skills from the University f Virginia, where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in medicine. He has continued to help people overcome their health problems and is shares his knowledge with other people with the aim of helping them solve their health problems. Mark also teaches surgery and pediatrics at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman also has a high dedication towards finding the most appropriate cure for chronic diseases and has over the past years engaged himself in some initiatives with the aim of shining light to people affected by such diseases, particularly diabetes.

He is a member of the American Diabetes Association and has over the past years played a huge role in creating awareness among youths on the best foods to eat and live practices to carry out o as to avoid contracting the disease. Dr. Mark Holterman is also the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health, which focuses on offering help to individuals with particular health problems (Behance). He also takes part in a vast number of charitable organizations, with the aim of helping children acquire better and healthy lives. He participates in the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance For The Children of Vietnam, which is a children’s organization that focuses on providing them with the best surgical procedure services. The firm which heavily relies on donors gives all interested parties an opportunity to provide training, surgery, and lectures to people concerning diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Mark Holterman also has a passion towards discovering regenerative medicine for the cure of certain diseases and has taken part in the initiative through his role in the-the Mariam Global Health firm. He has seen individuals with serious health problems benefit from the medicine to reduce the discomfort that they go through. Besides, Dr. Mark Holterman has also received a series of awards as an accreditation for his significant contributions to the health sector. His dedication and exceptional contributions to the health sector is an inspiration to many people.

More at https://about.me/dr.markholterman

Glen Wakeman:Successfully Building And Developing Businesses For 25 Years

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company develops innovative software that provides early-stage entrepreneurs with online business planning services. Over the past two decades, Wakeman has also become internationally known and well respected as a very successful business executive, investor, entrepreneur, writer, and mentor. He regularly shares his valuable insight on business strategy, management and administration, emerging markets and international fiscal matters through widely read blog posts.


A 1981, University of Scranton graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, Glen Wakeman also attended the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA in Finance (https://www.slideshare.net/GlenWakeman). He began his professional career at GE Capital. During his time there, the board of directors recognized him for his exemplary Growth Leadership and held him up as a role model. Wakeman also founded and ran Nova Four.

During a business career that is approaching 25 years in length, Glen Wakeman is credited with having revolutionized a number of businesses. He has also helped to guide, teach and develop over 17,000 employees and generate more than $15 billion in assets. Wakeman has experience working with start-ups, new market entry, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and exponential growth. He is known for his expertise and experience in applying proven methodology and using his vast knowledge of leadership, execution, governance, risk management and human capital to help develop staff and companies and make them successful (Inspirery).


Drawing on his education and experience, Glen Wakeman has successfully mentored many C-level executives. Currently, he helps Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees by providing counsel to them. Glen Wakeman is passionate about executive development, growth, and innovation. He has lived in at least six different countries and has been responsible for running operations in 30 different regions of the world. Throughout his executive career, Glen Wakeman has received international recognition for the quality of his work. He drew on that experience to co-found LaunchPad Holdings in 2015.

Securus Sets the Bar High for Better Communication With Inmates

Securus is a company that has managed to make it safer inside of the prison systems. I think that this company deserves a lot of credit for so many things that have made visiting inmates easier. There is a kiosk machine that is designed by Securus that allows people to visit through video without actually getting engaged to a physical visitation.


This company also provides users with video software that has made it possible for people to conduct a video visit from their home or their work environment while they’re on a lunch break. It is incredibly convenient in my opinion because I no longer have to travel to a prison to make this visit. That became one of the most annoying things in the past when I was trying to stay connected to friends that were incarcerated.


I could never get over the fact that it was such a long drive to a prison. This was something that annoyed me greatly, but I have found that Securus Technologies is the way to go when it comes to staying in touch with family or friends that have been locked away. This company has made it so easy for me to engage in a much better video visit.


I believe that Securus Technologies is a company that a lot of people are going to become thrilled about in the next several years. It has so much innovative software, and people are in need of this type of software because it helps them communicate better with family members. I think that this company is on the right track when it comes to the type of things that it provides for people that want to totally embrace the concept of staying connected with family members. I like the software solutions that Securus provides.