The Benefits Of Qnet To The Economy Through Its Direct selling

Qnet has been a worldwide company specializing in direct selling for more than 20 years. The company is based in the United Arab Emirates. It has broken geographical limitations through availing its diversified products to many countries around the globe. Direct selling is a marketing technique that provides products directly to the customer. This strategy helps to eliminate the middlemen; present in the traditional marketing process. The elimination has proven to be of great advantage to the different sectors of the economy in many ways.

Selling to customers direct has helped lower the cost of products by Qnet. It has also led to a reduction in market price. The demand for products increases with a reduction in price (all other factors being constant). The strategy (direct-selling) of the company has also played a key role in promoting and naturing entrepreneurship globally. With a small capital, anybody willing can begin direct selling and grow their market quickly. It helps to ensure a continuous flow of cash in the economy. People’s lives are impacted positively by having a source of income or by low product prices.

There are three types of direct selling that marketers can engage. They are:

Each of the three ways of direct selling has its advantage and disadvantage, which marketers need to understand before settling on one. A Single-level method helps the direct seller get good feedback, but it has limited geographical coverage. Increasing the number of manpower makes this method effective but with an increased cost. The Party plan method can lead to creating a big network for sales. The method is limited because it is costly to give products freely for trial. The Multi-level way of direct selling is an effective marketing method because products can reach a wider market quickly. Read this article for additional information.


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