The Citizen App was started in New York. It operated as a “Vigilante” in the year 2016. Due to concerns raised about encouraging its users on vigilantism, Apple pulled it from the stores and had it rebranded and relaunched in the year 2017. The app aims at discouraging its users from taking the law into their hands but notifying them through an alert on dangers that are happening near them so that they can avoid them.

The app has several features which enable its functionality. These features are; safe trace, map feature, and a trained access agent. These features play key roles in passing the information to the public. The contribution of each feature is unique and of great importance to the public. Through these features, individuals are able to get alerts and stay safe.

The safe trace feature on the Citizen App plays a role in giving individual information about the Covid-19 virus. This feature traces the system and alerts the individual on when he/she has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus. This information is very important to an individual because the person can easily seek medication or take measures if he/she has been exposed.

Citizen App feature enables one to view helicopters. Individuals will find get alert on when helicopters will be flying over their houses. Also, when polices helicopters fly on their houses, they will be alerted and given reasons why they are around. This feature enables its users to track the helicopter’s path and stay away from danger. All these functions of the map feature play a critical role in ensuring masses stays safe.

The final feature of the Citizen App is the trained access agent. This feature monitors an individual 24/7. It gains access to both live location and audio. In this feature, an individual is assigned a trained agent who will give alerts calls 911 on behalf of the person subscribed to this feature and alert those around. See this page for additional information.


Find more information about them on https://citizen.com/explore